Honour Roll

Henry and Susannah produced eleven children, nine of whom reached maturity. Of these nine children, eight married and five had children. These five children produced forty-three grandchildren and some two hundred and thirty-nine great grandchildren.

From these descendants and subsequent generations, the extended family members have produced many members for whom memorable events and achievements mark their lives. However for the majority of “ordinary” Kable family descendants, just sharing the remarkable tag of being members of the only continuous line of descent from the first marriage ceremony in the colony born in Australia, is in itself a pleasurable achievement and a notable fact to pass on to future generations.

A small number of Kable descendants from the past 230 years have more public notations which mark their lives and are worth of recording. These public pieces of information are for some family members only incidental events while for

others their achievements have developed over a period of time and mark them with more noteworthy records. Recording these more substantive pieces of Kable public history as well as the incidental records is worthy of further effort.

The purpose of this “Honour Roll” is to build an annotated biography – index that others may contribute to, and we encourage you to do so, by adding more names to the biographical entries, so that this list can expand over time, documenting the particular achievements or special family tales about the lives of other Kable family members from the past and into the future.

Thus this Annotated Biography of Kable Family Members past and present, is intended to be continued after the Family Reunion in Windsor on 10/11 February 2018 and for future generations beyond then.

  • Noel Stanley Bayliss (1906 – 1996) – main interest was spectroscopy School of Molecular Sciences (UWA) named a building after Noel.Amongst many Honours and Awards he received in 1979 the Order of the British Empire, Commandor of the British Empire.
  • Garth Ian Gaudry (1941 – 2012) – A numbers man for all reasons Mathematics Genealogy Project 1974Distinguished Service Award 2012 AMSI

    Vale Garth Gaudry AMSI 18/10/2012

    In Memoriam of Garth Gaudry UNSW 19/10/2012

    Note from Terence Tao “What’s new

    and much more …

  • Sir George Clifton Halliday (1901 – 1987) – otolaryngologist Honorary award University of Sydney 29/06/1985The Honors List for last (1966) New Year’s included the first otolaryngologist in Australia to be knighted for his achievements and contributions to medicine.
  • Phillip Frederick Kable (1936 – 1991) – B.Sc.Agr Plant Pathology 
  • William Loutit Morison (1920 – 2000) – Emeritus Professor
    J. Webber (University of Sydney – Faculty of Law) wrote in the “In Memoriam” as introduction:
    Emeritus Professor Morison studied History, Philosophy and Law at the University of Sydney, obtaining First Class Honours in all three disciplines and receiving the University Medal in History and Philosophy. He obtained his D Phil from Oxford in 1951. He was a member of the Bar of NSW from 1944 and a member of the NSW Law Reform Commission from 1968 to 1970. But most significantly, he taught in the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney for four decades, from 1946 until 1985, retiring as Challis Professor of Law.
  • Kathleen Mary Bleechmore (b1946) – OAM Australia Day 2003 For service to people with intellectual disabilties through the provision of accomodation, employment and day programmes.
  • Noel Frederick Goodsell (1914 – 1991) – awarded MBE member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire 1960
  • Commodore (Garvon) Paul Kable (RAN Rtd.) – AM Australia Day 1999For exceptional service to the Australian Royal Navy and to the Australian Defence Force as the head of the Australian Defence Staff, London, and as the Director General Maritime Development in the Australian Defence Headquarters.Paul also received the National Medal in 1979.
  • June Lovina Whittaker (nee Scott) (b1930) – OAM Australia Day 2009For service to international relations in the Pacific region through education, training and development in the field of public administration, and to the community.June was also inducted in the “Hall of Fame” as an alumni of the Wagga Wagga Teachers College, where she was a lecturer. See “Talkabout“, Volume 13 No 3, November 2010, pages 10 and 11.

    In 2017 June was a Local Winner in the Elyne Mitchell Rural Writing Award with her story “The man who talks to bees“.

  • Other recipients, sharing the name Kable (related or not), of an Australian Award are:
    • Brenda Kable – Medal of the Order of Australia 26/01/1998
    • Charlton William Kable – Bravery medal 24/03/2014
    • Clifton James Kable – National Medal 11/06/1982
    • Julia Ruth Kable – Public Service Medal 26/01/1991
    • Lesley Kable  – National Medal 15/01/2000
    • Peter Malcolm Kable – National Medal 11/10/1979
    • Robert Reginald Kable – National Medal (1st Clasp) 03/10/2001
    • Ronald William Kable – Imperial Service Medal (27/01/1970)
    • RR Kable – Meritorious Service Medal (18/01/1919)
  • Blake Gaudry (b1991) – OlympianAn Australian trampoline gymnast. … He was selected to represent Australia at the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics in the event.
  • Allan James Kable (1947 – 2015) – Swimming / Surf Live Saving Club Australian and NSW record 440 yds medley in 1959
  • Glenn Kable (b1963) – Olympian He was controversially omitted from the Australian Olympic Team in 2000 after winning the selection shoot and being a member of the World Championship winning Men’s Olympic Trap team from Tampere, Finland, in 1999. He formed the Shooting Association of Fiji shortly thereafter, registering with the ISSF under the Oceanic banner, after an extended business relationship with Fiji, which commenced with family dealings from the late 1970s (source Wikipedia).
  • Dani Stevens (nee Samuels) (b1988) – OlympianDani Samuels made her Olympic debut at the 2008 Beijing Games, as the youngest member of the Australian athletics team.
  • Katrina Warren, Dr. – Veterinarian
  • James Mileham (1763 – 1824) – surgeon, magistrate, landowner, public servant In announcing his death to Bathurst, Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane described Mileham as: ‘a solitary instance of one who had continually resided in this colony nearly thirty years, and yet was in want’. Susanna Mileham received a pension of £100 a year until she died on 20 June 1885.
with significant contributions
  • Mervyn Francis Whittaker (1923 – 2019) – in memory of a loving husband of June, father of Ingrid and Kristian and granddad to the grandchildren.