George Esto Kable (1797 – 1853)

George was born on 28/09/1797 in Sydney Cove.

He was baptised on 19/12/1797 by Rev. Johnson’s at St.Phillips Church, Sydney.

George might have been named “Esto” after a relative or family friend in England. Esto is a common name in East Anglia.
Another explanation is that he was named after the town of Esto, outside Venice in Italy, birthplace of a business friend Prosper de Mestre.

He married on 04/03/1818 in St. Matthew’s C/E, Windsor to Susannah Jones. She was born on 12/07/1800 in Thurlton, Norfolk and baptised on 03/08/1800 in Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, England, U.K.
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Susannah arrived in Australia on 14/12/1801 on board the “Nile” as a free settler.

They had the following 7 children:

  • George John Kable (1818 – 1853)

  • Mary Matilda Mileham Kable (1822 – 1900)

  • William Kable (1824 – 1895)

  • John Kable (1830 – 1898)

  • Susannah Kable (1832 – 1926)

  • Eliza(beth) Kable (1835 – 1912)

  • Emma Kable (1839 – 1920)

Susannah died in Bathurst on 18/07/1848 and is buried on 21/07/1848.

Death Notice Bathurst Advocate 22 Jul 1848

George died in the Bathurst area but so far nobody knows the exact place and date. Often it is mixed up with his son George John.

He is buried, as George Cable, on 01/04/1853 at Wesleyan in the Bathurst Circuit.

There are many stories about the life of George.

  • in 1820 he took over the management of his father’s brewery in Windsor, and in 1822 he was listed as owning the Crown and Anchor hotel.

  • he is recorded as having been transported to Newcastle on 30/08/1821 “to be imprisoned per warrant”; however also recorded as having been send back to Sydney only 2 weeks later.
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  • in 1828 Census records him as agent and landholder to Mr. Fitz of Windsor, Residenced Bathurts.

  • he was one of the first to take up land in the Bathurst District at Gorman’s Hill and opened an inn.

  • involved in insolvency proceedings in 1844.
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gormans hill taken june 2015

Gorman Hill (about 2015)