John Kable (1802 – 1859)

John was born on 12/11/1802 in Windsor. He was baptised on 03/08/1805 in St. Phillips Church Sydney.

He married to Eliza Dyel in St. Matthew’s C/E in Windsor on 15/08/1825. Eliza was born in 1809 in Nottingham, England.

They had the folowing children:

  • Eliza Frances Kable (1826 – 1899)

  • John Henry Kable (1828 – 1916)

  • Emmeline Kable (1830 – 1898)

  • Susan Kable (1831 – 1853)

  • Julia Isabella Kable (1833 – 1894)

  • George Henry Kable (1835 – 1923)

  • James William Kable (1837 – 1874)

  • Charles William Kable (1840 – 1927)

  • William Edgar Kable (1842 – 1917)

  • Edgar Kable (1844 – 1844)

  • Caroline B Kable (1845 – 1899)

  • Edgar Sydney Kable (1848 – 1923)

  • Josephine Blanche Kable (1851 – 1933)

  • Prosper Josua Kable (1853 – 1926)

John was known as “Young Kable” and was an idol of the “currency lads” as a prize fighter. Because he defeated the English Champions William Clarke in 1824 and George Glew in 1826 he held the title of “Australian Champion”.

The Sun had an article published on 22/11/1984.

Below is a letter written by John Kable to the Committee of the Female Orphan Institute. He requested that his wife’s sister, Caroline Dyer, be released from her current assignment at five Islands, and be allowed to reside with John and Eliza Kable. His reason was that his wife was in a bad state of health and that they had three small children.

Eliza died on 10/10/1854 in Rylstone NSW.

John died on 30/05/1859 in Bairaba Hotel, Windsor.

2 June, 1859
INQUEST.-An inquest was held on Monday last before J. Dowe, Esq., district coroner, at Mr. Dalton’s, Currency Lass, George Street, on the body of a man named John Kable, aged 56 years, who was found dead in a loft at the rear of Dalton’s premises, at about seven o’clock on Sunday morning. Verdict, died from apoplexy. The deceased was formerly a noted pugilist, a native of this district, and well known as “Old Jack Kable.”

Emmeline Kable (1830 – 1898)

Emmeline was born in Portland Head on 09/02/1830 and was baptised on 25/07/1839 in Pitt Town.

She married to William Roberts in 1849 in Sydney.
William was born about 1822.

William died on 31/10/1894 in his residence at 241 Crown Street, Sydney.
Emmeline died on 20/01/1898 at the same address.
Both are buried in Waverley in the Roberts family vault.

Name: William Roberts
Age: 72
Birth Date: abt 1822
Death Date: 31 Oct 1894
Burial Place: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Cemetery: Waverley
Section: 6 Vaults north
Row: 36
Inscription: husb of Emmeline
Denomination: Anglican

Edgar Kable (1844 – 1844)

Edgar was born on 17/04/1844 in Windsor.
He died on 20/10/1844 in Windsor.

Caroline B Kable (1845 – 1899)

Caroline was born in 1845 in Windsor.

In some family research trees it is mentioned that she was married. There is no actual record present to confirm this.

Caroline died in Bungonia in 1899 according to family trees. Also in this case there is no record to confirm it. Her sister Eliza died in Bungonia on 05/01/1899. Confusion?