Charles Dickenson Kable (1804 – 1837?)

Charles was born on 05/10/1804 in Parramatta.

He was baptised on 03/08/1805 in Sydney.

He married to Mary Charlton on 06/02/1825 in Windsor, St. Matthew’s C/E.

Mary was born on 28/08/1809 in Sydney.

It is unkown what happened to Charles after his imprisonment and when and where he died.  One of the last recordings are in the Entrance Book of Bathurst gaol when he was 29 years young.

After the sentencing of Charles on 04/09/1826 (see below) the marriage was most likely annulled. Mary married in 1827 to CH Beasley and in 1849 to J Upton.

Mary died on 15/02/1853 in Penrith.

The Monitor – 28/07/1826


A copy of the letter from the Colonial Secretary’s Office, dated 22/10/1822, regarding the transport of Charles (and John) to Newcastle gaol.

Source unknown:

Conviction: Horse TheftSentence: Transportation to Moreton Bay in lieu of death sentence (with William CHARLTON) Transportation Details: Transported to Moreton Bay on “Mary Elizabeth” 14 Oct 1826

Applied for Pardon: 21 Nov 1831

An unknown source wrote:

It is possible he was transferred to Norfolk Island. It is possible he obtained his release and changed his name. In Camperdown Cemetery there is a gravestone for one Charles Kable Warby, a name which so far has not been encountered in the drawing up of the family tree(s). (This could be a link with Charles).

The “People of Australia” website mentioned his date of death as 16/11/1837 in Bathurst