Edgar James Kable (1806 – 1849)

Edgar was born 14/08/1806 and was baptised on 28/04/1811 at the new church of St. Phillips, Sydney.

He married Charlotte Chaseling with consent of respective parents in St James Church at Pitt Town on 11/04/1836.

Charlotte Chaseling, daughter of Thomas Chaseling and Margaret McMahon was born on 01/12/1811 and died on 18/09/1873 in Portland Head.

Edgar was a boxer. In 1836 living at Portland Head.

Clipping origins unknown:- The Colony’s most notable pugilist, Young Kabel, was matched against George Glew, who claimed to be champion of All England at Parramatta. Kable proved his worth when he alone toed the mark for the opening of the 26th round.

Be he had won a pyrrhic victory dying from the punishment received. We are sorry to recount the introduction to the Colony of displays of brutal courage.

It is unknown if they had a child. Some records shown (unproven) a son Edgar, died in 1844.

Edgar died 28/04/1849 and was burried in the family grave at St. Matthew’s Church at Windsor.