1st wedding ceremony 10 February 1788

Further, the lives of Henry and Susannah are notable for their commitment to each other and in time producing the first generation of Australians through the birth of their eleven children, of whom nine reached adulthoods.
first marriageFive later married, producing the second generation of Australians. Although their repeated requests to marry, while in goal at Norwich, were refused they bore a child Henry Jnr who came to the new colony with them.

This birth made them a “family” which as they became participants in the first marriage ceremony of the colony, made them the first European family of the colony. Their birth as a family paralleled the values of freedom, democracy, family and integrity which Arthur Phillip worked to imbue in the new settlement. Through their further offspring they sowed the seeds of a small dynasty which has in this twenty-first century, grown into a strong trunk with many branches and on whom a rich piece of early colonial Australian history rests.

This first marriage and first family status, coupled with known records (Jan. 2018), provides strong evidence for the claim, that through their daughter Diana her marriage and children, Henry and Susannah’s descendants are the longest continuous line of white born Australians.

marriage HSThe Fleet departed Portsmouth, England on 13 May 1787 and arrived in Port Jackson on 26 January 1788. Within two weeks of the arrival of the First Fleet on Australia’s shores, Johnson was called upon to officiate at the weddings of five couples. The marriage ceremonies were performed on 10 February 1788. One of the most notable couples were Henry Kable and Susannah Holmes.

1st marriages 1788

List of the dates of birth and baptism of their 11 children:

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