Enoch Kable (1791 – 1793)

Enoch Kable  was born on 24 Apr 1791 in Sydney Cove, Sydney.

He died on 27 Feb 1793 in Sydney and was buried in Town Hall Cemetry, Sydney, NSW.

Enoch died as a small baby in 1793. He was buried in the cemetary situated where the Sydney Town Hall now stands. On the sandstone slab which formed the tombstone was cut the following verse.

Oh cruel death that could nor spare

A loving child that now lies here,

Great loss to those he left behind,

He, eternal joys shall find.

In 1822 Governor Macquarie had a wall build around the old cemetry to preserve it, padlocked the gate, and provided a new burial ground at the southern end of the town; that is where Central Railway Station now is located.

Old Sydney burial ground map detail

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