Eunice Kable (1799 – 1867)

Eunice was born in Sydney Cove on 30/05/1799 and baptised on 05/05/1800 in Sydney.

Eunice married on 05/07/1823 in St. Matthews C/E in Windsor to William John Fitz.
William was born on 18/03/1805 and baptised on 21/04/1805 in St Mary at Lambeth, Surrey England.

Consent for the marriage had to be given due to the age of William (17 years) at the time of marriage.

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They had 7 children:

  • Emily Fitz (1825 – 1825)

  • Adeline Ann Susannah Fitz (1827 – 1860)

  • Robert Fitz (1828 – 1862)

  • William John Fitz (1831 – 1831)

  • Walker Mileham Fitz (1833 – 1834)

  • William John Mileham Fitz (1835 – 1911)

  • Mary Ellen Fitz (1838 – 1839)


William died in Windsor on 30/01/1839.

After the dead of William in 1839 Eunice married in 1853 to Dempsey.

He died in 1855 (no further details).

On 08/11/1856 Eunice married again in Windsor to Charles John Crisby. Charles was born in 1804 and died in 1865.

Eunice did not have any children from those two marriages.

Eunice died on 21/12/1867 in Windsor.

Cause of death rupture of large blood vessel .
Eunice was survived by two sons, Walker Mileham Fitz and William Mileham Fitz.
They were living on a property at Minto which was part of the original land
grant called “Campvellfield” belonging to William Redfern. See part 2 Parish of Minto at the Picton end. The Fitz property was sub-divided about 1978 and two small roads, Mileham Way and Walker Way, are named after them.

redfern cottage minto2

Campbellfield aka Redfern’s Cottage at Minto. Courtesy of Campbelltown Historical Society

Emily Fitz (1825 – 1825)

Emily was born on 14/03/1825 in Windsor. She died 6 days later on 20/03/1825 in Windsor. Dates are from Ancestry trees. Only confirmation is the registration, as follows:

6394/1825 V18256394 2B

Adeline Ann Susannah Fitz (1827 – 1860)

Adeline was born in Windsor on 17/04/1827 and baptised on 29/07/1827 in Windsor.

She died in Windsor on 31/01/1860.

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Robert Fitz (1828 – 1862)

Robert was born in August 1828 in Windsor.
He died on 15/04/1862 in Windsor.


William John Fitz (1831 – 1831)

William was born in September 1831 and died in Windsor on 19/12/1831.

Walker Mileham Fitz (1833 – 1834)

Walter was born in 1833 in Windsor.
He died in Windsor in 1834.

2255/1834 V18342255 18

Mary Ellen Fitz (1838 – 1839)

Mary was born in Windsor on 18/12/1838.
She died in Windsor in 1839.