Susannah Kable (1795 – 1885)

Susannah was born in Sydney Cove on 23/10/1795 and baptised on 07/02/1796 in Sydney.

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On 02/06/1819 she married in St. Matthew’s C/E in Windsor to James Mileham.

James was born in France in 1763.

They did not have any children.

James died on 28/09/1824 in Pitt Town, Sydney. He was buried in the Sandhills cemetery and his remains were later reinterred at La Perouse.

Susannah died on 20/06/1885 in The Oaks as a result of bronchitis.

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Susannah’s obituary reads:

There is a proverb which states that “Annuitants live long.” An instance thereof is furnished by the case of a lady whose death was recorded in this journal on the 25th instant, Mrs. Susannah Mileham, widow of Assistant-Surgeon Mileham, who departed this life at the “Oaks,” Camden, on the 20th June last, having attained her 90th year. The deceased lady has been in receipt of an annuity from the Government of the colony of £100 since September, 1824, or 60 years and upwards, a circumstance certainly without a precedent in the colony.

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Susannah was very much involved in care for the family. She was a close friend of Lucy Mileham, her mother and her father Dr James Mileham. When Susannah married the widowed Dr Mileham, in 1819, he was a very sick man, nearly blind and prematurely aged. He died a few years later despite every care and attention. Susan received an annual income of 100 pounds for life. She ‘adopted’ her young niece, Emmaline Gaudry, the child of her sister, Diana. Susannah brought Emmaline up to become a well educated and accomplished woman. After Emmaline married John Wild, squire of Vanderville, The Oaks, New South Wales, Susannah joined them. Susannah became the much-loved great-aunt of all the Wild children.

HS Susannah Mileham Kable

Susannah Milleham’s grave site.