Mary Matilda Mileham Kable (1822 – 1900)

Mary was born on 26/10/1822 in Windsor.

On 01/04/1842 she married to Joseph A Aarons. He was born in Sydney on 18/10/1821. They had 1 daughter:

  • Eliza Ann Aarons (1842 –   ?    )

There marriage didn’t last and they divorced in 1878 (no records but information from Ancestry trees).

15 June, 1878

This has been a suit for divorce brought by Joseph Aarons, of Namina, Wellington, a squatter, against his wife, Mary Aarons, formerly Mary Kable. At the trial it was proved that both parties were married on 1st April 1842. In 1846 respondent gave way to intemperate habits, and, 1851 a mutual separation occured. Subsequently she went to live with one Charles Javins, by whom she had three children.

His Honor made absolute the decree nisi granted in November last year, thus dissolving the marriage.

Joseph remarried to Elizabeth Hales in 1884 and he died in Wellington on 23/06/1904.

Mary married on 09/08/1878 in Bathurst, after the divorce, to Charles Javens, born in 1817 (some resources say 1804) in Spilsby, Linconshire England.
Charles arrived on 28/08/1850 on board the “Lord Stanley” in Australia, together with his then wife Maria Holland (1815 – 1891) and daughters Ann Javens (1843 – 1868) and Harriett Javens (1846 – 1914).

They had 3 children together:

  • Susanna Javens (1859 – 1860)

  • Elizabeth Javens (1863 – 1950)

  • Mary Jane Javens (1870 – 1954)

Mary died in Bankstown on 06/04/1900 as a result of cardiac syncope.

Charles died in Orange on 17/01/1902.

There are Ancestry trees around with different details about  Mary’s children.

The children from her 2nd husband Charles are registered as JAVANS (see above).

Elizabeth has changed her family name in 1884 to JAVENS.

Mary Jane has kept her name as JAVANS and is later married under this name.

William Javens (see below) is often listed as son of Charles and Mary. The birth register lists Ann (daughter of Charles) as his mother. Charles, his first wife Maria Holland and their daughters Ann and Harriet arrived in Australia in 1850. Ann married in 1859 when she was just 16 to William Kable (Mary Matilda’s brother). They re-registered William Javens as there son William Kable. This means William Kable/Javens is the grandson of Charles and the son of Ann and William.