Mary Jane Javens (Javans) ( 1870 – 1954)

Mary was born on 22/06/1870 in Carcoar.

On 14/12/1893 she married in Blayney to George Edward Bowden Thompson. George was born in Bathurst on 30/08/1872.

They had (most likely) the following children:

  • Ivy J Thompson (1894 – 1966)

  • Pearl Elizabeth Thompson (1896 – 1979)

  • Margery Reynolds Thompson (1898 – 1972)

  • George Hedley Thompson (1902 – 1972)

  • Spencer Bottrell Thompson (1906 – 1972)

George died on 17/08/1943 in Katoomba.

Obituary in Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 18th August 1943:

THOMPSON. – August 17. 1943, at his residence, Bowden Lodge, York Street.Katoomba, George Edward Bowden, dearly beloved husband of Mary Jane Thompson and fond father of Ivy (Mrs. M. Miller), Pearl, Margery (Mrs. L. Duff), George, and Spencer, and beloved brother of Margery (Mrs. J Henry), Elizabeth (Mrs. J. Woollard), Irwin, and Herbert, aged 72 years.

Mary died in Katoomba on 30/09/1954.

Ivy Jane Thompson (1894 – 1966)

Ivy was born in Trunkey on 13/10/1894.

She married to Michael Miller in Penrith on 07/04/1933.
Michael was born in Geestemunde, Bremerhaven, Germany in 1889.

Michael died on 04/09/1963 in Katoomba.

Ivy died in Katoomba on 21/08/1966.

Pearl Elizabeth Thompson (1896 – 1979)

Pearl was born in Trunkey on 02/07/1896.

She never married and died in Wentworth Falls on 05/04/1979 and is buried at Katoomba Cemetery.

Report in the Blue Mountains Echo

3 July 1928


Miss Pearl Thompson, of York Street, daughter of Mr. George Thompson, of Katoomba Council’s outdoor staff, was the victim of a painful accident on Sunday. She slipped in the yard, and fell on her knee splitting the kneecap completely in two. Dr. A. Allan attended to the injury, and yesterday morning Miss Thompson was conveyed to the District Hospital to undergo an operation. By a coincidence, yesterday chanced to be Miss Thompson’s birthday, so that Fate has vouchsafed her a particularly unpleasant present on her natal anniversary.”

George Hedley Thompson (1902 – 1972)

George was born in Smithfield in 1902.

He married to Amy Margaret R I Swanton in 1925 in Katoomba.
Amy was born in 1904 in Armidale.

George died in Katoomba on 15/05/1972.

Amy died on 23/05/1978 in Katoomba.

Spencer Bottrell Thompson (1906 – 1972)

Spencer was born in Katoomba on 09/02/1906.

He married to Grace Lillian Duff in Annandale in 1936.
Grace was born Blackheat on 22/02/1918.

They had 2 children:

  • Fay Lillian Thompson (1936 – 1978)
  • Annette Joyce Thompson (1940 – 1993)

Spencer died in Katoomba on 28/03/1972.

Grace died on 07/06/1985 in Katoomba.

Fay Lillian Thompson (1936 – 1978)

Fay was born in 1936 in Katoomba.
She married to Lewis Ashcroft in 1960 in Katoomba.

Fay died on 17/01/1978 in Winston Hills.

Annette Joyce Thompson (1940 – 1993)

Annette was born in Katoomba on 03/09/1940.
She married to Ronald Stanley Holmes in Katoomba in 1965.

Annette died on 25/08/1993 in Blackheat and is buried in Lithgow General Cemetery.
Ronald died on 06/05/2017 at Calvery Hospital, Wagga Wagga.