George John Kable (1818 – 1853)

There are many confusions regarding the birth date of George. In some occasions he is registered as “Cable”, in other situations his details were mixed with his brother John’s details.

George was born on 31/12/1818 in Windsor. He was christened on 18/07/1819 in St. Matthew’s Windsor.

The NSW birth deaths and marriages records show his birth year as 1816, however it is believed that this anomaly was due to a bad figure on the original handwritten register also his parents were not married until March 1818.

He married to Jane Ann Christie on 03/08/1839 in Bathurst. Jane was born on 22/10/1819 in Parramatta and baptised on 21/11/1819. Her father, William Christie, was overseer for government cattle in 1815 at Bathurst.

Jane was his first cousin. Their mothers Susannah Kable (nee Jones) and Mary Christie (nee Jones) where sisters.

They did not have any children.

It is unknown when and where Jane died.

George John died on 27/12/1853 in Mudgee and is buried in Memorial Park Mudgee the next day.
George had been living at Gratti on the road to Hill End (Bathurst area) and it is understood died from excessive drinking.

Mudgee Memorial Park.

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