Ilford Vivian Kable (1886 – 1947)

Ilford was born in West Macquarie on  05/07/1886.

He married to Amy Getrude Perkins in the “All Saints’ Cathedral” in Bathurst on 10/04/1911.
Amy was born in Bathurst on 02/06/1886.

Amy Gertrude Perkins

Amy Gertrude Perkins

They had the following children:

  • Mavis Vivian Kable (1912 – 2003)

  • Desdee Muriel Sylvia Jane Kable (1913 – 1994)

  • Louis Victor Kable (1916 – 1998)

  • Lois Claire Kable (1916 – 2007)

Ilford died in Bathurst on 02/02/1947.
Amy died in Bathurst on 23/01/1971.
Both are buried in Kelso (Holy Trinity) Anglican Churchyard, Kelso, New South Wales, Australia.

Ilford  Amy Kable headtone

Mavis Vivian Kable (1912 – 2003)

Mavis was born Bathurst in 1912.

She married to Henry Macquarie Astley on 18/051932 in “All Saints Cathedral” Bathurst.
Henry was born in Dubbo in 1903.
Note: Henry was the brother of Leslie Frederick who married Clarice Elaine Kable, the Aunt of Mavis.

They had 1 son and 2 daughters:

  • Jack Vivian Astley (1953 –     )

  • Lynn Astley

  • Jill Astley

Henry died in Dubbo Base Hospital, late of Balgowlah on 08/06/1967.
Mavis died in Manly on 06/02/2003.
Both are laid at rest in Dubbo Western District Memorial Park.
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Desdee Muriel Sylvia Jane Kable (1913 – 1943)

Desdie was born in Bathurst on 12/08/1913.

She married to Ewen Frederick Campbell in 1940 in Bathurst. Ewen was born in Narromine on 05/05/1900.

Ewen was send to work on the Birma-Siam railway and that is where he died on 03/12/1943 in Myanmar.

He is buried  at Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand.
Ewan frederick campbell grave

Desdee never remarried and died in Bathurst Nursing Home Kelso on 14/12/1994.

Louis Victor Kable (1916 – 1998)

Louis (twin) was born in Bathurst on 04/01/1916.

He married in 1942 in Woollarah to Gwendoline Mary Haigh. Gwendoline was born in St Leonards in 1916.

Gwendoline died in Forster on 03/05/1965.

Louis remarried to Iris Doreen Baistow (nee Wilson) in about 1967.

Louis died in Albury on 06/12/1998.

Iris died in Albury on 24/07/2004.

Lois Claire Kable (1916 – 2007)

Lois (twin) was born in Bathurst on 04/01/1916.

She married to Edward John Warren on 09/04/1938 in Sydney. Edward was born in Goulburn in 1909.


Lois Kable 1937

Lois Clare Kable


Edward John Warren

They had 1 son:

  • Irving John Warren (1939 –      )

Edward died in Burwood on 02/03/1967.

Lois died in Sydney on 09/05/2007.

Irving John Warren had one daughter, born on 08/12/1967, and is worth mentioning about. In this case it is not an invasion of her privacy, as she is a well known public figure, and placed with her permission.
Yes, we are talking about Dr. Katrina Warren.