Emmeline Ann Susannah Gaudry (1814 – 1886)

2018-04-05 (1)Emmeline was born in Windsor on on 14/03/1814 and Christened in St. Matthew’s C/E in Windsor.

She married on 12/02/1832 in St. James C/E, Narellan to John Benton Wild. John was born on 10/11/1806 in Offaly Birr, Queens County, Ireland, U.K.

Emmeline and John produced the following 13 children:

  • John Henry Wild (1833 – 1898)

  • William Vandermeulen Wild (1834 – 1861)

  • Mary Emmeline Wild (1836 – 1924)

  • Robert Edward Wild (1837 – 1876)

  • Alfred Russell Wild (1839 – 1840)

  • Frederick Wilkinson Wild (1840 – 1918)

  • Emmeline Elizabeth Wild (1842 – 1920)

  • Blanche Abercrombie Wild (1844 – 1883)

  • Susanna Caroline Wild (1846 – 1885)

  • Adeline McLeod Wild (1848 – 1922)

  • Isabel Inche Wild (1848 – 1930)

  • Richard Frances Barra Wild (1850 – 1933)

  • Russell Mileham Wild (1855 – 1937)

Adeline and Isabel were twin sisters.

John died in Vanderville The Oaks NSW on 26/06/1857 and is buried in Heber Chapel Cobbity.


The Reverend Thomas Hassall, the first chaplain of the Cowpastures, built Heber Chapel in 1827. Heber was dedicated in 1828 by Rev.

More information re the Chapel click here.

Emmeline died in Cooma on 31/01/1886 and is buried on 02/02/1886 in Cooma cemetery C/E section.

In life John was a member of the Legislative Council of NSW. Click here for details.

For the Obituary of John Benton Wild click here.

Alfred Russell Wild (1839 – 1840)

Alfred was born on 11/03/1839 at “Vanderville”, The Oaks. He was baptised on 21/04/1839 at The Oaks and Stonequarry.

He died on 26/02/1840 in Narellan and is buried in C/E. Section, Heber Chapel Cobbitty.

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The Wild family 200 years in Australia

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Lieutenant John Henry Wild (1782-1834)

30 August 1817 – 30 August 2017 is the Bicentenary of the Wild family in Australia.
Two hundred years ago, Lieutenant John Wild, his wife Mary (nee Lynch), his son John Benton Wild (age 10) and step daughter Margaret Edwards (age 16) arrived at Sydney Cove on the ship “Lloyds”. John Wild was a soldier of the 48th Regiment of Foot (Northamptonshire Regiment). The Regiment had been sent from Cork, Ireland as part of the military peace-keeping efforts in the new colony. As happened with a number of his compatriots, at the end of his term when the 48th left Australia, bound for India, John Wild resigned his commission and stayed, receiving a land grant of 2000 acres at Werriberri Creek, The Oaks, which is near where the township of Camden is today.
Obviously very enamoured with her new country, Mary Wild wrote to her mother in Cork later in 1817, that the country was so fertile they had crops 3 times a year, and that they “fed peaches to the pigs”, which seemed to completely amaze her.
John and Mary built a homestead which they named “Vanderville”. Son John Benton lived at this home after his parents died, and with this wife Emmeline Gaudry (granddaughter of famous First Fleet couple, Henry Kable & Susannah Holmes) they had 13 children, and so began the Wilds in Australia. John Benton Wild became a member of the first Parliament of NSW in the Legislative Council as the Member for Camden.
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