Vincent Guy Kable (1891 – 1947)

Vincent was born in QLD on 05/11/1891.

Vincent G

He married to Lucy Winnifred Hassan on 23/09/1919 in Tamworth. Lucy was born on 19/07/1894 in Daylesford, Victoria.

Lucy Winifred HASSAN

They had 3 children:​

  • Donald Guy Kable (1921 – 1995)

  • Muriel Elizabeth Mary Kable (1925 –      )

  • Kenneth Foxlee Kable (1926 – 2018)

Vincent was the youngest town clerk ever in Tamworth and the initiator of, and his involvement in the spread of electricity in Tamworth and beyond throughout his career.

Vincent died in Tamworth on 02/09/1947.

Vincent G

In 2015 R.W. Greer compiled a Biography about Vincent Guy Kable from notes used by Dr. Warren O Newman OAM for his address on the life of Vincent on the occasion of the unveiling of a memorial plaque in his name. Vincent Guy Kable – a Biography.

Lucy died in Balgowlah on 09/10/1963.

Donald Guy Kable (1921 – 1995)

Donald was born in Tamworth on 13/08/1921.
He married to Annie Myra (known as Nancy) Ross. Nancy was born in 1924.

They had 1 son:

  • Ross Guy Kable (1950 – 1986)

Donald died on 08/03/1995 in Tenambit.
Nancy died in Tenambit on 10/05/2005 and is cremated on 13/05/2005 in Tenambit.

Ross Guy Kable (1950 – 1986)

Ross was born in Grafton in 1950.
He was married and had 2 sons.

Ross died on 02/01/1986 in Hamilton NSW.

Muriel Elizabeth Mary Kable (1925 –         )

Muriel was born in 1925 in Tamworth.

She appeared on the electoral roll for Tamworth for the first time in 1949 as a nurse.

She moved to Balgowlah Heights, Warringah in about 1955 and she was still on the roll in 1980 as a nurse. She still lives there (info from a granddaughter of Kenneth 04/11/2018).

Kenneth Foxlee Kable (1926 – 2018)

Kenneth was born in Tamworth in 1926.
He married to Nola Joan Gardner in Chatswood on 27/03/1948.
Nola was born in Grafton on 13/02/1925.

They had 4 daughters:

  • Lynnette Kable
  • Margaret Kable
  • Joanne Kable
  • Susan Kable

Nola died on 22/06/2007 in Gold Coast.

Kenneth died on 27/10/2018 in Gold Coast.