Malcolm John MacLean (1849 – 1897)

Malcolm was born in Richmond on 28/08/1849 and was baptised on 22/12/1850 together with his brother Hugh.

Malcolm married to Marie Jane Pascoe in Queensland on 25/10/1876. Marie was born on 25/06/1853 in Sydney.

They had the following children:

  • Alexander William Maclean (1876 – 1942)

  • Mary Agnes Maclean (1878 – 1959)

  • Mabel Jessie  Maclean (1880 – 1906)

  • Elvina Ethel Maclean (1882 – 1958)

  • Florence Maud Maclean (1886 – 1955)

  • Malcolm Norman Maclean (1888 – 1888)

  • Isabella Adelaide Maclean (1889 – 1983)

  • Malcolm Bruce Maclean (1893 – 1971)

  • Winifred Isabel Maclean (1895 – 1980)

Malcolm died in Charters Towers QLD on 28/02/1897.

Death Report ??

Mary died in Clifton QLD on 01/07/1929.

Publication in the Daily Mercury (Mackay QLD) of 06/07/1929
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Malcolm Norman Maclean (1888 – 1888)

Malcolm was born in Queensland on 22/05/1888.
He died on 26/08/1888 in QLD, age 3 months.

Malcolm Bruce MacLean (1893 – 1971)

Malcolm was born in Westwood on 05/03/1893.
He served as a driver in WW1.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mclean-malcolm-bruce.jpgMalcolm 22 years of age
courtesy of Facebook – E. Kay

He married to Elizabeth Jane (Liz) Andersen in Mackay on 26/11/1921. Liz was born om 22/03/1894 in Queensland.

They had 6 children:

  • Gwendoline Joyce Maclean (1922 – 2009)
  • Rita Gertrude Maclean (1924 – 2000)
  • Mary Therese Maclean (1926 –         )
  • John Gerrard Maclean (1929 – 2018)
  • Malcolm Joseph Maclean (1932 – 2017)
  • Elveena Elizabeth Maclean (1934 –         )

Malcolm died in Mackay on 02/12/1971 and is buried at Walkerston Cemetery, Mackay Region, Queensland.
Elizabeth died on 24/05/1991 in Mackay and is buried at Walkerston.

Gwendoline Joyce Maclean (1922 – 2009)

Gwendoline was born on 30/04/1922 in Mackay.
She married to Albert Francis Abbott on 29/06/1941 in Marian QLD. Albert was born in Marvel Lock WA on 10/12/1913.

They had 6 children.

Albert died on 10/02/2006 in Mackay.
Gwendoline died in Mackay on 09/03/2009.
Both are buried in Pacific Gardens Crematorium and Memorial Garden in Sarina, Mackay Region.

Rita Gertrude Maclean (1924 – 2000)

Rita was born in Mackay in 1924.
She married on 24/12/1942 in Mackay to Albert Alexander Taylor. Albert was born in Rockhampton on 28/07/1916.

It is believed they had 7 children.

Rita died on 25/08/2000 in Mackay.
Albert died on 26/05/2001 in Mackay.
Both are buried in Mount Bassett Cemetery in Mackay.

Mary Therese Maclean (1926 –         )

Mary was born in 1926 in Walkerston QLD.
She married to Patrick Joseph Sugrue in 1946 in Victoria.

They had 2 children.

Patrick died on 14/12/2009 in Jindalee QLD.

John Gerrard Maclean (1929 – 2018)

John was born in Mackay in 1929.
He married to Gwen Grace (unknown family name).

They had 2 children.

John died on 04/09/2018 in Mackay.

Malcolm Joseph Maclean (1932 – 2017)

Malcolm was born on 10/08/1932 in Mackay.
He married to Alice Dorothy Cheshire. Alice was born in Mackay on 07/11/1939.

They had 3 children.

Alice died in Mirani on 18/10/2015.
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Malcolm died on 13/11/2017 in Mirani.

Elveena Elizabeth Maclean (1934 –         )

Elveena was born in 1934.
She married to Leslie Kay and they both moved to New Zealand.

They have 4 children, 3 daughters and 1 son.

Winifred Isabel MacLean (1895 – 1980)

Winifred was born in Queensland on 29/07/1895.

She married to Michael William Marstin in Brisbane on 04/10/1915. Michael was born in Glengarry, Victoria on 03/05/1891. For his WWII services (1940 – 1947) he did put his DOB down as 03/05/1901, so he was able to enlist.

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 – 1954) Page 3
Saturday 22 September 1945

Amongst the letters received by relatives from released prisoners of war is one from Private W. Marstin, who has reached Singapore. He writes cheerfully: “I am pleased to say I came through very well, considering though we are 3 to 4 stone underweight. The food is getting better so we should soon pull up. We are in hopes of being in Australia about the end of the month. The McLeish boys are well. We are all anxiously waiting for news from home; the last I had from you was at the end of 1943, We are all looking forward to a great time when we get home, and am hoping the beer rationing is lifted. It would not take much to make us “full” at present. When I get back I am looking forward to a good holiday. I have 4 stone to make up. Remember me to all in j Barcaldine and elsewhere.”

Michael died on 04/07/1953 in Rockhampton and is buried at Norman Gardens, Rockhampton Region, Queensland.

Winifred was registered on her address in South Brisbane in 1977. She died on 06/05/1980, registered in Country Queensland.