Mary Agnes Maclean (1878 – 1959)

Mary was born in Queensland on 28/04/1878.

She married to James Ignatius Costigan in Queensland on 16/02/1901. James was born on 03/05/1867 in Queensland.

They had the following 3 children:

  • William John Costigan (1905 – 1919)

  • James Malcolm Costigan (1910 – 1985)

  • Warren Alfred Costigan (1915 – 2003)

James Igantius Costigan and family

James and Mary with their children
James (far right) Warren (front) William (back)

In 1943 the family was living together on their property Ford Cooper Station.
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James died on 12/07/1943 in Mackay.
For Jame’s obituary see obituary JI Costigan.
Mary died in Mackay on 06/02/1959.

Headstone - James Igatius Costigan

William John Costigan (1905 – 1919)

William was born on 06/09/1905 in Mackay, QLD.

He died as a result of a tragic horse riding accident at Ford Cooper Station in Mackay on 30/09/1919.

James Malcolm Costigan (1910 – 1985)

James was born in Mackay, QLD on 13/10/1910.
He married to Annie Christina Ross MacKenzie on 02/10/1935 in Mackay. Annie was born on 19/12/1910 in Mackay.

They had 4 children:

  • James Malcolm John Costigan (1936 – 2008)
  • Nola Mary Costigan (1938 – 2015)
  • Ross William Costigan (1940 –        )
  • Lyal Patrick Costigan (1942 – 2004)

​James died in Mackay on 08/12/1985.
Annie died on 06/07/1988 in Mackay.

James Malcolm John Costigan (1936 – 2008)

James, or Jimmy as he was called, was born in 1936 in Mackay.
He was married and had 1 daughter. He (they) moved to Darwin.

James died on 24/07/2008 in Darwin NT.

Nola Mary Costigan (1938 – 2015)

Nola was born in Mackay on 03/06/1938.
She never married. She had 2 daughters and 1 son.

Nola died on 26/10/2015 in Mackay (registered under her maiden name) and is buried at Walkerston Cemetery.

Ross William Costigan (1940 –         )

Ross was born in Mackay in 1940.
He is married and has 2 children.

Lyal Patrick Costigan (1942 – 2004)

Lyal was born in Mackay on 08/11/1942.
He was married and 1 daughter.

Lyal died on 16/07/2004 in Mackay and is buried in Walkerston Cemetery.
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Warren Alfred Costigan (1915 – 2003)

Warren was born in Mackay on 22/07/1915.
He married to Frances Veronica Hogan on 11/10/1941 in Mackay. Frances was born in Mackay on 15/01/1917.

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They had 4 children:

  • Lorraine Costigan
  • Lenore Costigan
  • Trevor Costigan
  • Marcia Costigan

For the marriage article in the Daily Mercurie see Mariage Costigan Hogan.

Frances died in Mackay on 15/10/1987 and is buried in Mount Bassett Cemetery, Mackay on 19/10/1987.
Warren died on 30/06/2003 in Mackay and is buried on 02/07/2003 in Mount Bassett Cemetery, Mackay.