Isabelle Adelaide MacLean (1889 – 1983)

Isabella was born on 06/10/1889 in Westwood Queensland.

She married to Arthur Lionel Myers in Mackay on 16/04/1913. On the marriage record she is listed as “Bessie Adelaide“. Arthur was born on 26/10/1888 in Clermont QLD.

They had the following children:

  • Arthur Ingham Myers (1914 – 1983)

  • William Henry Ingham Myers (1915 – 1942)

  • Amy Ingham Myers (1917 – 1984)

  • Iris Mary Ingham Myers (1919 – 2000)

  • Lionel Ingham Myers (1921 – 2011)

Arthur died in Brisbane on 04/11/1969.
Isabelle died in Brisbane (St Lucia) on 05/05/1983.

Arthur Ingham Myers (1914 – 1983)

Arthur was born in Mackay on 25/05/1914.

He married to Kathleen Margaret Burke on 08/04/1939 in St. Patricks, Gympie.
Kathleen was born in Nambour QLD on 04/07/1913.
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They had 2 daughters and 1 son:

  • Robert Arthur Ingham-Myers
  • Judith Anne Ingham-Myers
  • Annette Margaret Ingham-Myers

Annette was married to Bernardus Cornelis Schuurmans-Stekhoven.
Bernard was born in The Netherlands on 04/08/1938 and he died in Toowoomba on 20/05/2013.
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Arthur died in Toowoomba QLD on 27/02/1983.
Kathleen died in Brisbane on 10/12/2005.
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William Henry Ingham Myers (1915 – 1942)

William was born on 30/10/1915 in Mackay.

He was killed in WWII on 28/10/1942 in England.
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Lancaster (mark I W4306 EA) took off from Scampton, Lincolnshire at 1220hrs, one of 88 Lancasters of 5 Group, on a daylight mission to Milan, Italy. On their return,the aircraft crashed at 2138hrs while attempting to land at Ford Airfield in Sussex.
5 crew were killed with 2 injured.

Amy Ingham Myers (1917 – 1984)

Amy was born in Mackay on 14/08/1917.

She married to Richard Donald Palk in 1948.
Richard was born on 09/11/1918 in New Zealand.

They had 7 children:

  • Andrew Palk (1954 – 1954)
  • David Palk (1955 – 1955)
  • Richard John Palk
  • Mary Jane Palk
  • Gerard James Palk
  • Arthur Palk
  • Frances Rosie Palk

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Amy died on 29/06/1984 in St Lucia Queensland.
Richard died on 14/10/1996 in Canossa Village.
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Richard’s probate notice was published on 29/01/1997.

Iris Mary Ingham Myers (1919 – 2000)

Iris was born on 26/04/1919 in Herberton QLD.

She never married and died in  Greenslopes Hospital, Brisbane on 16/01/2000.

HS Iris Mary I Myers

She lived most of her life in Toowong, Brisbane.

Lionel Ingham Myers (1921 – 2011)

Lionel was born in Mackay on 17/01/1921.
He married to Gweneth Mary Collins in 1953.

Lionel died in Brisbane on 22/05/2011.
Gweneth died on 29/04/2018 in Madonna Villa, Mitchelton QLD.