Isabelle Adelaide MacLean (1889 – 1983)

Isabella was born on 06/10/1889 in Westwood.

She married to Arthur Lionel Myers in Mackay on 16/04/1913. Arthur was born on 26/10/1888 in Clermont QLD.

They had the following children:

  • Arthur Ingham Myers (1914 – 1983)

  • William Henry Ingham Myers (1915 – 1942)

  • Amy Ingham Myers (1917 – 1984)

  • Iris Mary Ingham Myers (1919 – 2000)

  • Lionel Ingham Myers (1921 – 2011)

Arthur died in Brisbane on 04/11/1969.

Isabelle died in Brisbane on 05/03/1983.

Arthur Ingham Myers (1914 – 1983)

Arthur was born in Mackay on 25/05/1914.

He married to Kathleen Margaret Burke in 1939 in Mackay. Kathleen was born on 04/07/1913.

They had 2 daughters and 1 son.

Arthur died in Toowoomba QLD on 27/02/1983.

A Bio by Zillah Kable:

Arthur Ingham Myers was a friend of many in the First Fleet Association and a great “cousin”. He pursued every nook and cranny looking for our tricky way back then relatives.George Kable ‘s ending, Charles Dickenson’s final demise and all things Bathurst and district too. He came to visit me before he set out on a train ride to Bathurst to seek out the old buildings and haunts of the Kable family. He made this trip a holiday of sorts as he was a Queenslander. He was a member of the most prestigious Australasian Pioneer Society (males only ) which had a very hefty yearly subscription so was therefore for wealthy members. what a wonderful man he was.. Such a friend and a person who belonged to so many charities and other organisations taking many important roles. ..truly a very memorable cousin.

William Henry Ingham Myers (1915 – 1942)

William was born on 30/10/1915 in Mackay.

He was killed in WWII on 28/10/1942 in England.

Amy Ingham Myers (1917 – 1984)

Amy was born in Mackay on 14/08/1917.

She married to Richard Donald Park in 1948. Richard was born in 1919.

They had 7 children.

2018-07-17 (1)

2018-07-17 (2)

Amy died on 29/06/1984 in country Queensland.
Richard died on 14/10/1996.
Richard’s probate notice was published on 29/01/1997.

Iris Mary Ingham Myers (1919 – 2000)

Iris was born on 26/04/1919 in Herberton QLD.

She never married and died in  Greenslopes Hospital, Brisbane on 16/01/2000.

HS Iris Mary I Myers

Her last residence was in Auchenflower.

Lionel Ingham Myers (1921 – 2011)

Lionel was born in Mackay on 17/01/1921.

He married to Gwen Collins in 1953.

Lionel died in Brisbane on 22/05/2011.