Henry William Teale (1829 – 1912)

Henry William was born in 1829 in Windsor.

Henry took the first mob of cattle from New England to Adelaide, and was present at the Eureka Stockade, Sydney.

Henry married Ann Winton, born on 06/01/1831 as the third daughter of James and Mary Ann Winton, on 15/03/1852 in a Presbyterian service in Wilberforce (Cook) by the Referend George Macfie.
Ann was baptised on 31/01/1831 at St Johns Church, Wilberforce, Hawkesbury Shire.

Henry and Ann had the following children:

  • Rose Ann Welsh Teale (1848 – 1929)

  • Diana Blanch Teale (1850 – 1906)

  • Mary Ann Sarah Teale (1853 – 1940)

  • Caroline Elizabeth Teale (1855 – 1929)

  • Ethel Emmaline Teale (1857 – 1932)

  • William Henry Teale (1859 – 1933)

  • Evangeline Kezia Teale (1860 – 1934)

  • Izetta Lavinia Teale (1862 – 1945)

  • Joseph George Teale (1864 – 1938)

  • Henrietta Ann Teale (1867 – 1936)

  • Icy Evelyn Teale (1869 – 1958)

  • James Winton Teale (1871 – 1933)

  • Josephine Teale (1874 – 1896)

Ann died on 22/02/1904 and Henry William died on 12/09/1912 in Wilberforce. They are both buried in the same plot in Wilberforce Cemetery.

From trove nla newspapers

Windsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW 1888 – 1954)

Saturday 5 March 1904


Death is still busy in our midst, and two old and respected identities of the district have recently passed away. Mrs. Ann Teale, wife of Mr. Henry William Teale, whose death was briefly referred to last week, was one of those good old souls who had not an enemy, and was beloved by all. She died somewhat suddenly on the 22nd ultimo, and her remains were interred in the Church of England Cemetery at Wilberforce on the 23rd. The late Mrs. Teale leaves a long line of descendants, some of whom are still residing in this district, while others are scattered about in different parts of the state. She was one of those kind-hearted creatures who was always prepared to render what assistance she could to anyone in trouble, and that being so it is little wonder that she gained the good-will and respect of all with whom she was brought in contact. The brief but feeling remarks made by the Rev W. S. Newton, M. A., at the grave were so appropriate that we will conclude this short obituary of a kindly woman by quoting them. The Rev gentleman said, “When I heard of the death of our neighbour yesterday morning it came as a great shock to me. I did not know she was ill, or I would certainly have called to see her after service on Sunday. I have had many conversations with Mrs. Teale, and always enjoyed them, and I can say of her, what cannot be said of everyone, that she never spoke an unkind word of anyone. I know she is happy now.” Mr. T. Collison was the undertaker.

Death notice in the Windsor and Richmond Gazette 21/09/1912:
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Josephine Teale (1874 – 1896)

Josephine was born on 12/03/1874 in Wilberforce.

She died on 12/02/1896 in Leichhardt.

She is buried in Wilberforce Cemetery.