Henrietta Ann Teale (1867 – 1936)

Henrietta was born in Wilberforce on 08/05/1867.

Henrietta married in Petersham on 08/05/1897 to Charles Read. Or did she married as a “Heale” in Coonamble in 1897, or…. ?

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In September 1898 Henrietta gave birth to a daughter

  • Josephine T. Read (1898 – 1899)

Henrietta died on 17/11/1936 in Petersham and is buried in the C/E section of Wilberforce Cemetery.

There are no records available for Charles Read.

Josephine T. Read (1898 – 1899)

Josephine was born on 17/09/1898 in Balmain.
She died in Balmain North on 06/01/1899.