Frederick John Teale (1873 – 1942)

Frederick was born in Windsor in 1873. On his birth records only his mother was listed.
From a young age, or even birth, he was raised by Henry and Ann Teale. On the wedding register they both are listed as his parents.

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He married on 22/12/1894 to Lydia May Brooks Hawkins, born in 1871 in Launceston, Tasmania.

Marriage Frederick John Teale and Lydia May Brooks Hawkins.

He was a journalist in Windsor and after his marriage they moved to Sydney where he worked as a reporter.

After the children were born they lived apart because his drinking problems.

Frederick and Lydia had the following children:

  • Ann Winton Teale (1895 – 1950)

  • Freda Mary Teale (1900 – 1990)

  • Cecil Charles Brooks Teale (1902 – 1934)

  • Rosina Edna Teale (1905 – 1987)

  • Frederick Oswald Teale (1908 – 1959)

  • Lydia May Brooks Teale (1911 – 1979)

Frederick died on 12/07/1942 in Sydney.

Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer (NSW : 1898 – 1954), Tuesday 14 July 1942, page 3


Mr. Frederick John Teale.

Mr. Frederick John Teale, a well known journalist, died on Sunday last,  at the age of 69, in Sydney Hospital. — ( after having been in ill-health for two years. Born in Windsor, NSW, Mr. Teale, who lived at Kings cross, attended Sydney’s Royal Easter Shows for 20 years, as representative of Sydney news papers. He has left a widow, a son, Frederick, a member of the AIF, and daughters, Winifred (Mrs Hughes), Freda (Mrs. Olsen), Lydia (Mrs. Routledge), and Edna. The late Mr. Teale, a few years ago, spent some time in Wingham. long years ago, along with the Editor and proprietor of ‘The Wingham Chronicle,’ the late Mr. Teale was on the staff of ‘The Windsor and Richmond Gazette,’ published at Windsor, and then owned and edited by the late Hon. J. C. L. Fltzpatrick. Mr. Teale was a member of a well-known Hawkesbury district family. He served his apprenticeship on ‘The Australian, a newspaper published for years at Windsor by the late Mr. George Lewis Asher Davies. The late Mr. Davies later published a paper at Kogarah. . The late Fred Teale was a smart  journalist, and was for years on the staff of the old ‘Daily Telegraph,  ‘SM. Herald, ‘Sun,’ and did work for ‘The Australian Star’ before ‘The Sun’ rose. ,. . ‘ Big in build, and big In heart, Fred Teale made many friends. He has gone hence— like many Pressmen before him — carrying with him the kindly wishes of those who knew him best. He died poor so far as this world’s wealth is concerned, but rich in kindly deeds during the time he enjoyed the vigor of life and a full share of the prosperity that comes to a journalist who has brains and is able to make his mark in the realms of journalism in a big city. The late Mr. Teale cut his journalistic teeth In the Country’— and he ‘snatched type’ for years before he faced the journalistic footlights of the city, where he earned many a good fat cheque. He earned his money easily— and spent it easier.

Lydia died on 20/05/1950 in the Mater Hospital in Chatswood.

More details about the family can be found at Ozetree.

Rosina Edna Teale (1905 – 1987)

Rosina was born on 01/01/1905 and baptised on 11/06/1906 in St Stephen, Newtown.
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She never married and died on 03/12/1987.

A family story:

Rosina Edna “Rose” TEALE

a nursing sister who ended up as Deputy Matron of Thornleigh Girls’ Home, where young unmarried mothers-to-be would go to give birth and have their babies taken from them for adoption. She was very kindly, eccentric and an exceedingly devout person, who would give you the clothes off her back. She doted on the great nieces and nephews.

She died on 3/12/1987.

Frederick Oswald Teale (1908 – 1959)

Frederick was born on 23/03/1908 in Newtown.

He married to Kathleen Elizabeth Lambert in 1935 in Woollahra. Kathleen was born in 1914 in St Leonards.

The death notice in the SMH indicates they did not have children.

The Sydney Morning Herald

23 February 1959

Teale, Frederick Oswald – February 19, 1959, late of 40 Blair Street, Bondi, dearly beloved son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Teale (Sydney), loving brother of Freda, Edna, Lydia, Win (deceased), Cecil (deceased), loved brother-in-law of Fred (Olsson), Bob (Hughes) and Bob (Routledge).

Frederick died on 19/02/1959 in Bondi.
Kathleen died on 22/09/1961 in Sydney.
Both are buried at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park in Matraville.

Lydia May Brooks Teale (1911 – 1979)

Lydia was born in Petersham in 1911.

She married to Robert “Bob” Stanley Routledge in 1937 in Woollahra.

They could not have children.

Lydia died on 27/11/1979 in Long Jetty.
Bob died on 18/07/2004 in Toowong Bay.
Both are buried at Palm Dale Cemetery.

A family story:

Lydia May Brooks “Billie” TEALE

Aunty Lydia was a bit of a scatter-brain and very volatile at times, but she was a great one for enjoying herself. She and Uncle Bob ‎(Routledge)‎ looked after Nana Teale, and they had a house in Couralie Road at Northbridge. She loved amateur theatre and was a demon at golf. She and Uncle Bob could not have children, and at one point they were looking after a little boy whose mother wanted to give him up for adoption, but changed her mind at the last moment. Aunty Lydia never got over it. She died far too young on 27/11/1979, at 67, at Long Jetty NSW and it was a great shock to the family.