We are one but we are many

Over the past months many pages of the Kable-Holmes website have been updated. Some small changes (a date or place) and some bigger changes (additions of information and descendants). Many of these amendments are as a result of the responses of the descendants and family members. Since we launched the website almost 28,000 pages have been viewed by more than 4,300 visitors.

It is a work in progress and almost every day you become or made aware of something new, different and/or interesting facts to place on the site. If you have something to share on and/or add to the website (stories/pictures/a yarn) please feel free to send it in.

As we sang at the Kable-Holmes family reunion in Windsor (10 and 11 February 2018):

Revision and updates

This, the Henry and Susannah, website is constantly under revision with new information, pictures and stories as well as amendments for dates and names. Many of these revisions are minor. Therefor we have not advise you of the many amended pages. This will continue for the coming months with the growing interest in and knowledge about this website, reflecting in a growing number of (new) members in the Family (closed) Facebook group, to be found at

We are always interested in suggestions, new information, corrections of incorrect information, pictures, stories and everything else you would like to see on the website (as long as it relates and is relevant).

Just go to
https://henrykable-susannahholmes.com/submit-your-posts-here/ and post your comments, remarks and ideas.

All the information/help is more than welcome and contributes to a website where our next generation and generations to come can find their roots.

Keep in mind that persons in pictures need to be named (as much as possible) and that information about living persons is restricted to their name and year of birth only (unless otherwise publicly available or approved by the person).

Looking forward to work with you all.

Best regards,
Jane and Johan

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