We are one but we are many

Over the past months many pages of the Kable-Holmes website have been updated. Some small changes (a date or place) and some bigger changes (additions of information and descendants). Many of these amendments are as a result of the responses of the descendants and family members. Since we launched the website almost 28,000 pages have been viewed by more than 4,300 visitors.

It is a work in progress and almost every day you become or made aware of something new, different and/or interesting facts to place on the site. If you have something to share on and/or add to the website (stories/pictures/a yarn) please feel free to send it in.

As we sang at the Kable-Holmes family reunion in Windsor (10 and 11 February 2018):

One thought on “We are one but we are many

  1. Jane and I organised, with the help of many others, the 2-days reunion in 2018. The one before that was in 1988. The next one is whenever someone puts his/her hand up to organise one, small or big. Would be good to have one in 2038, celebrating 250 year of marriage.


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