Eric Burnett MacLean (1860 – 1951)

Eric was born at Barwood Station, Burnett District, Queensland on 23/10/1860.

He married to Elizabeth Penhallurick in Westwood on 03/09/1884. Elizabeth was born in Maldon VIC on 16/11/1867.

They had the following children:

  • John Charlton Maclean (1886 – 1951)

  • Eric Leslie Maclean (1893 – 1976)

  • Douglas Burnett Maclean (1895 – 1964)

  • Amy “Aimee” May Maclean (1897 – 1976)

  • Ross Lesanto Maclean (1900 – 1970)

  • Wallace Marshall Maclean (1902 – 1929)

Elizabeth died in Bowen on 10/04/1929.
Eric died on 04/04/1951 also in Bowen.
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Douglas Burnett Maclean (1895 – 1964)

Douglas was born in Bowen on 30/03/1895.
He married to Edna Gertrude Fifoot in Mackay on 25/04/1923. Edna was born in Herberton QLD on 18/08/1902.

They had the following child:

  • Ross Burnett Maclean (1924 – 2005)

Douglas died on 15/10/1964 in Queensland.
Edna died in Brisbane on 29/02/1976.

Ross Burnett Maclean (1924 – 2005)

Ross was born in Mackay on 14/07/1924.
He married in Mackay in 1948 to Daphne Parker.

They had 1 son:

  • Jeffrey Douglas Maclean

Ross died in Brisbane on 23/02/2005.

Amy “Aimee” May Maclean (1897 – 1975)

Amy was born in Bowen on 29/12/1897.

She married to Herbert Edward Gray Kenny on 11/12/1923 at Presbyterian church, Bowen, Queensland. Herbert was born on 23/01/1888 in Berwick Victoria.

They had the following children:

  • Elizabeth Marion Kenny (1925 – 2011)
  • Leslie Burnett Kenny (1926 – 2016)
  • Colleen May Kenny (1928 – 2020)

Amy died in Bowen on 26/10/1975.
Herbert died on 22/08/1979 in Bowen.

Elizabeth Marion Kenny (1925 – 2011)

Elizabeth was born in Bowen on 29/06/1925.
She married to Mervyn Alban Lewis in Bowen in about 1950. Mervyn was born in Yeppoon QLD on 28/01/1928.

They had 4 children, 3 daughters (1 set of twins) and 1 son.

Mervyn died in Ayr on 27/06/1990 and is buried in Ayr Cemetery, Burdekin Shire, Queensland.
Elizabeth died on 21/12/2011 in Lower Burdekin Home for Aged, formerly of Brandon.

Leslie Burnett Kenny (1926 – 2016)

Leslie was born in Bowen on 30/09/1926.
She married in about 1950 to Maurice William Meecham in Bowen. Maurice was born in Bowen on 23/11/1929.

They had 1 son who was accidentally killed:

  • John Edward Meecham (1951 – 1971)

Maurice died in Bowen on 18/04/2005.
Leslie died in Bowen on 01/11/2016.
All 3 are buried at Bowen General Cemetery, Whitsunday Region, Queensland.
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Colleen May Kenny (1928 – 2020)

Colleen was born in 1928 in Bowen.
She married to Wallace Charles Cheffins in Bowen in 1951.
Wallace was born on 09/09/1923 in Bowen.

They had 2 daughters:

  • Tracey Elizabeth Cheffins
  • Julie May Cheffins

Wallace died on 15/07/2001 in Bowen.
Colleen died in Bowen on 05/06/2020.

Ross Lesanto Maclean (1900 – 1970)

Ross was born in Esk QLD on 19/10/1900.
He married to Elsie Edith Schwilk in QLD on 12/11/1927. Elsie was born in QLD on 25/03/1906.

​They had 2 children:

  • Noela Maclean (1928 –         )
  • Ian Marshal Maclean (1936 –         )

Elsie died in Cairns on 15/01/1966.
Ross died in Cairns on 19/02/1970.
Both are buried in Cairns Cemetery.
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Wallace Marshall Maclean (1902 – 1929)

Wallace was born on 23/04/1902 in Bowen.
In 1928 he was still listed on the electoral roll for Bowen, at the same address as his parents Eric and Elizabeth.

Name: Wallace Marshall Maclean
Birth Date: 23 Apr 1902
Birth Place: Bowen, Whitsunday Region, Queensland, Australia
Death Date: 5 Sep 1929
Death Place: Cairns, Cairns Region, Queensland, Australia
Cemetery: Cairns Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Cairns, Cairns Region, Queensland, Australia
Has Bio?: Y
Father: Eric Burnett Maclean
Mother: Elizabeth Maclean

He died in Cairns on 05/09/1929 and is buried there as well.

Cairns McLeod Street Pioneer Cemetery