John Charlton Maclean (1886 – 1951)

John was born in Bowen QLD on 11/05/1886.

He married to Gertrude Grimshaw Kirke on the 03/06/1912. Gertrude was born on 06/11/1889 in Armidale NSW. She (and her parents Clergyman James Kirke and Jane Kirke (nee Buckley)) moved to Ayr QLD around 1900.

They had the following children:

  • Agnes May Charlton Maclean (1913 – 1974)

  • Eric James Maclean (1914 – 1993)

  • Douglas Lesanto Maclean (1917 – 2013)

  • Margaret Elizabeth Maclean (1922 – 2017)

  • Ruth Maclean (1926 – 2011)

John died in Babinda on 22/12/1951 and is buried in Babinda (Cairns region) together with Gertrude.
Gertrude died in Babinda on 18/09/1975.
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Agnes May Charlton Maclean (1913 – 1974)

Agnes was born on 22/03/1913 in Babinda.
She married to Robert Sneddon on 23/03/1944 in Cairns. Robert was born in Dechmont Scotland on 17/10/1902.

Name: Robert Grant Sneddon
Birth Date: 17 Oct 1902
Birth Place: Dechmont Scotland
Year Range: 1940 – 1947
Enlistment Place: Cairns Queensland
Service Number: QX25120
Next of Kin: Gertrude MacLean
Relationship to Soldier: Sister
Series Description: B883: Army, 2nd Al F

On his WWII service records he listed Gertrude Maclean as his sister instead of his mother-in-law (to be).

They had 1 daughter and 1 son:

  • Margaret Ann Sneddon (1944 – 1944)

  • Douglas Grant Sneddon (1946 –         )

Robert died on 25/07/1963 in Babinda.
Agnes died on 17/06/1974 in Babinda.
Both are buried at Babinda, Cairns Region, Queensland.
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Margaret Anne Sneddon (1944 – 1944)

Margaret was born in Cairns in 1944. She died on 30/12/1944.

Name: Margaret Anne Sneddon
Death Date: 30 Dec 1944
Death Place: Queensland
Father’s name: Robert Grant
Mother’s name: Agnes May Charlton Maclean
Registration Year: 1945
Registration Place: Queensland
Registration Number: 000186
Page Number: 2114

Eric James Maclean (1914 – 1993)

Jim, as he was known, was born on 14/11/1914 in Bowen QLD.
He married to Nada Lillian Kahn (born as Feneley) on 06/11/1943 in Woollahra NSW.
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Nada was born on 01/06/1918 in Brisbane.
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Nada’s mother Lilly married in 1920 to Arin Kahn.

​Eric and Nada had 1 son and 1 daughter:

  • Ian Charlton Maclean (1950 –         )

  • Glenys Nada Maclean (1953 –         )

Jim died on 10/05/1993 in Kensington.
Nada died in Kensington on 15/03/2012.

Note from Glenys:

He was married 6/11/43 in Sydney on his mother’s birthday. It was wartime, Dad had a week or so’s leave from Amberley RAAF Base in Queensland, his parents and 3 sisters were living in Far North Queensland, his brother Doug was in Tobruk at that time. So none of them could be at the wedding. In those days you had to get a passport to travel between states, and Mum got one to move up to Queensland.

Douglas Lesanto Maclean (1917 – 2013)

Douglas was born on 14/10/1917 in Cairns.

He married to Gwendoline Mavis Anderson in Cairns in 1947. Gwendoline was born on 11/07/1924 in Wynnum South Queensland.

They had 3 children:

  • John Douglas Maclean

  • Alison Mary Holley – Maclean

  • Jennifer Anne Casella – Maclean

Gwendoline died on 01/08/1972 in Cairns and is buried on 03/08/1972 in Martyn Street Cemetery in Cairns.
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Douglas married to Marjorie Anne Warner on 15/02/1980. Marjorie was born in Toowoomba on 09/08/1919. She was married in 1944 to Bernard Adolph Pramberg (1920 – 1971) with whom she had 2 children (Bernard and Peter).

Douglas died on 23/03/2013 in Scarborough.

Marjorie died in Scarborough on 17/08/2014.
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Margaret Elizabeth Maclean (1922 – 2017)

Margaret was born on 24/07/1922 in Cairns.
She married to Roy George Clarke on 13/04/1946 in Cairns.
Roy was born on 10/12/1915 in Atherton QLD.

They had 3 children:

  • Bruce Alexander Clarke (1949 –         )

  • Lesley Anne Clarke (1952 –        )

  • Susan Margaret Clarke (1955 –         )

Roy died on 30/04/2006 in Cairns (Woodward Retirement Village).
Margaret died on 11/01/2017 in Cairns (Woodward Retirement Village).

Ruth Maclean (1926 – 2011)

Ruth was born in Babinda on 29/04/1926.
She married to John Lynch Linneman in 1949. John was born in Mareeba on 03/07/1925.

They had 4 daughters:

  • Deborah Ruth Linneman
  • Brenda Joy Linneman
  • Judith Kay Linneman
  • Joanne Mary Linneman

John died in Cairns on 16/09/2008.
Ruth died in Cairns on 22/09/2011.