Francis William Stephenson (1877 – 1957)

Francis was born in Bethungra on 28/04/1877.
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He married to Elizabeth Gow in the Presbyterian Church Newtown on 07/07/1900. Elizabeth was born in Kinning Park, Lanark, Scotland on 21/12/1880.

They had the following children:

  • Eliza Frances Stephenson (1901 – 1988)

  • William Gow Stephenson (1903 – 1964)

  • Ivy Martha Anne Stephenson (1905 – 1966)

  • Elizabeth Stephenson (1908 – 1962)

  • Francis Burgess Stephenson (1910 – 1952)

  • Thomas Charles Stephenson (1912 – 1967)

  • Eva Stephenson (1914 – 1993)

  • John Stephenson (1916 – 1981)

  • Harold George Stephenson (1919 – 1991)

  • Roy Stephenson (1921 – 2008)

Francis died on 01/06/1957 in Drummoyne NSW.

Francis william stephenson

Elizabeth died in Drummoyne on 27/10/1959.

William Gow Stephenson (1903 – 1964)

William was born in Balmain in 1903.

He married to Athanar Kessell in Drummoyne in 1926.
Athanar was born on 04/07/1901 in Sydney and baptised on 01/09/1901 in St Thomas, North Sydney.

They had 1 daughter:

  • Joyce Stephenson

Athanar and William never showed up on an electoral roll together. On the electoral roll of 1949 for Bennelong, Athanar and Joyce were together on the same address.

William believed to have died in Ryde in 1964.


Athanar died in Nowra in 1969.


Ivy Martha Annie Stepenson (1905 – 1989)

Ivy was born in Balmain in 1905.

She married to Eric Chadwick in 1933 in Drummoyne.
it is not known when Eric was born. In 1933 he was listed on the electoral roll for Drummoyne with his parents Herbert and Alice.
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Eric died in Epping on 15/07/1966.

BALMAIN (register office)

Ivy died in Mosman on 16/04/1989.

Francis Burgess Stephenson (1910 – 1952)

Francis was born in Drummoyne on 29/03/1910.

He married to Eileen May Roche in 1931 in Cowra.
Eileen was born in Bingara on 17/01/1912.

They had 3 children:

  • Robert James Stephenson
  • Helen Mary Stephenson
  • John Stephenson

Francis died on 24/06/1952 in Sydney.
Eileen died in Sydney on 11/10/1999 (no records to confirm this).

Thomas Charles Stephenson (1912 – 1967)

Thomas was born in Drummoyne in 1912.

He was listed on the electoral roll for 1949 in Drummoyne.
He married in 1945 in Sydney to Mary Hendersen Melville (born in 1917).

​Thomas died in Perth WA in 1967.

Name: Thomas Charles Stephenson
Birth Year: abt 1910
Age: 57
Death Place: Western Australia
Father’s name: Francis W
Mother’s name: Elizabeth
Registration Year: 1967
Registration Place: Perth, Western Australia

Eva Stephenson (1914 – 1993)

Eva was born in 1914 in Drummoyne.

She married to Norman Hamilton Elliott in 1940 in Woollahra.
Norman was born in Drummoyne on 08/05/1906.

Norman died in Balmain in 1962.
Eva died in Forestville on 06/08/1993.

John Stephenson (1916 – 1982)

John was born in Drummoyne in 1916.

He married to Joyce Vena Bourne in 1940 in Drummoyne.
Joyce was born in Drummoyne in 1918. At birth her name was registered as Joyce V Bourne. Her marriage records mentioned her as Joyce Hana Lillian Bourne. On the electoral roll she is listed as Joyce Vena Lillian Stephenson.

John died in Five Dock on 05/05/1982.

Harold George Stephenson (1919 – 1991)

Harold was born in Drummoyne on 15/02/1919.

He married to Lavinia Fletcher in Newtown in 1940.
Lavinia was born on 10/03/1915.

Harold died on 22/01/1991.
Lavinia died on 19/05/2000.
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Roy Stephenson (1921 – 2008)

Roy was born in Drummoyne on 09/03/1921.

He married to Vera Arabella Curry in 1948 in Drummoyne. Vera was born in Drummoyne on 24/12/1923.


They had 3 children.

Vera died in Castle Hill on 22/05/2006.
Roy died on 02/01/2008 in Sydney.