Eliza Frances Stephenson (1901 – 1988)

Eliza was born in Burwood in 1901.

She married to Henry Edgar Whitfield on 01/04/1922 in The Presbyterian Church, Drummoyne.
Henry was born in Annandale on 14/09/1900.

They had 4 children:

  • Betty Elizabeth Whitfield (1923 – 1978)

  • Edgar Francis Whitfield (1925 – 2018)

  • Mollie Doreen Whitfield (1926 – 2002)

  • George William Whithfield

Eliza died on 08/07/1988 in Kingsford, Sydney.
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Henry died on 02/02/1996 in Maroubra Junction Nursing Home, Maroubra.
Eliza and Henry are both buried at Matraville, Randwick City.

Betty Elizabeth Whitfield (1923 – 1978)

Betty was born in 1923 in Surry Hills.

She married to Kenneth Leicester Tyler in Randwick in 1947. Kenneth was born in Marrickville on 20/10/1919.
Kenneth was married in 1941 in Marrickville to Esme Grace Lewis. Esme was born in 1923 in Marrickville and died in 1942 in Sydney.
They possibly had 1 child

  • Lee Tyler

who is mentioned in Kenneth’s WW2 records as his child and wife (who died in 1942).

Name: Kenneth Leicester Tyler
Birth Date: 20 Oct 1919
Birth Place: Marrickville New South Wales
Year Range: 1939 – 1948
Enlistment Place: Strathfield New South Wales
Service Number: NX167169
Spouse: Lee Tyler
Child: Lee Tyler
Series Description: B883: Army, 2nd Al F

​One of the children of Betty and Kenneth is deceased:

  • Gary Kenneth Tylor (1947 – 1949)

Kenneth died on 04/12/1987 in Winston Hills NSW.
Betty died in Baulkham Hills on 30/08/1978.

Edgar Francis Whitfield (1925 – 2018)

Edgar was born in 1925 in Sydney.
He married in St Paul in Chatswood on 28/06/1947 to Marjorie Jean Henry. Marjorie was born in Newcastle NSW in 1923.
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In 1980 they were both listed on the electoral roll for Mascot.

They most likely died in Queensland, according to the probate notices below.
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