Susannah Stella Kable (1879 – 1962)

Susannah was born in Carcoar on 31/05/1879.

She married James Michael Kirkman on 20/02/1896 in Blayney. James was born in 1872 in Carcoar.

They had the following children:

  • Mabel Florence Kirkman (1896 – 1970)

  • Lensey Roy Kirkman (1897 – 1942)

  • Leila E Kirkman (1900 – 1900)

  • William Kable Kirkman (1901 – 1957)

  • “Amy” Susannah Stella Kirkman (1903 – 1951)

  • James Michael Kirkman (1905 – 1984)

  • Stella Alice Kirkman (1909 – 1909)

James Michael Kirkman owned plot 360 (in the middle of the picture) in Hobbys Yard.

There are no divorce records of this marriage or records of a marriage with William Thomas Hetherington. William was married to Rachel Ada Morthorp (1871 – 1950) in Blayney and had 2 daughters with Rachel. There is a daughter registered with Susannah S as the mother (reg 1966/1913):

  • Heather Anne Hetherington (1913 – 2004)

William Hetherington died in Orange in 1942.

James Kirkman died in Bulli on 27/04/1970.

Susannah died on 09/02/1962 in Hornsby and is registered in the North Rocks Cemetery as Susannah Stella Hetherington.

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Leila E Kirkman (1900 – 1900)

Leila was born in Carcoar in 1900. She died in 1900 in Blayney.

William Kable Kirkman (1901 – 1957)

William was born in Tuena on 05/10/1901.

He married to Mary Margaret Ellen Fleming on 28/06/1924 in Auburn.
Mary was born on 29/03/1907 in Granville.

They had 1 child:

  • William George Kirkman (1924 –         )

William died in Bulli on 02/08/1957.
Mary died in Bexley on 09/12/1997.
Her remains are in Woronora Cemetery and Crematorium.

William George Kirkman (1924 –         )

William was born in about 1924.
He was living with his parents until the beginning of the 1950’s. In 1954 he is mentioned in the electoral roll for Bexley living with his parents and a Hazel Jean Kirkman. There is no marriage record available for William. Hazel died on 16/09/1983 in Bexley at the age of 58. On her death registration only her mother is listed as “Agnes”.
There are no further records available for either of them.

Stella Alice Kirkman (1909 – 1909)

Stella was born in Bathurst on 20/07/1909 and that is were she died 4 days later on 24/07/1909.

Stella’s birth was registered under registration 22673/1909 as Stella A Kirkman.
Her death was registered under the name Alice Kirkman, registration 8402/1909.