“Amy” Susannah Stella Kirkman (1903 – 1951)

Amy was born in Tuena in 1903.

She married to Donald Joseph Guest in 1924 in Cowra. Donald was born in Tuena on 13/03/1898.

They had the following children:

  • Roy Howard Guest (1922 – 1983)
  • Benjamin Barry Guest (1926 – 2002)
  • Donald William Guest (1931 – 2017)

Amy died in 1951 in Lithgow.

Donald died in Bowral on 03/08/1970.

Notes about Amy:

Birth records: Reg 7590/1903 Susannah S Kirkman

Marriage records: Reg 8965/1924 Stella A Kirkman

Death records: Reg 30419/1951 Susannah Stella Guest

Roy Howard Guest (1922 – 1983)

Roy was born on 03/10/1922 in Bathurst.
He married in 1944 in Concord to Marjorie Taylor.

Roy died on 06/09/1983 and is buried at Lismore Cemetery.
Marjorie died on 20/04/2006 in Lismore and is buried there.

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Benjamin Barry Guest (1926 – 2002)

Benjamin was born in 1926.
He married to Olive Heather MacArdle in 1946 in Orange.

They had 2 daughters:

  • Robyn Kathleen Guest
  • Julie Maree Guest

Benjamin died in Orange on 02/10/2002.

Donald William Guest (1931 – 2017)

Donald was born in 1931.

In 1949 in Orange he married to Helen Mary Hodder. This marriage ended in divorce. Helen married in 1968 in Sydney to Hirace Vincent Spicer.

Donald married to Shirley Heather Gransden in Sydney in 1968. Mary was married before to Jeffrey Alfred Carter.

Shirley died on 01/11/2009 at Lismore Hospital, late of Coraki.
Donald died on 14/03/2017 in Coraki NSW.