Catherine Mileham Kable (1875 – 1939)

Catherine was born on 05/10/1875 in Blayney.

She married to James Sydney Morthorpe on 23/07/1896 in Blayney. James was born in Cooming Creek on 28/06/1868.

Birth records NSW are showing that they had the following children:

  • James Jacob Morthorpe (1897 – 1980)

  • Donald William Morthorpe (1899 – 1983)

  • Alfred Russell Morthorpe (1902 – 2003)

  • Hector Marshall Morthorpe (1904 – 1967)

  • Kenneth Archibald Morthorpe (1907 – 1976)

  • Arnold Trevor Morthorpe (1912 – 1998)

  • George Grenfelle Morthorpe (1912 – 1985)

  • Leonard Francis Morthorpe (1914 – 1990)

  • Anne Bertha Doris Morthorpe (1918 – 1996)

morthorpe brothers x 5

Catherine died on 12/10/1939 in Port Kembla.

James died in Little Bay, Sydney on 03/11/1956.

Both are buried at Woronora Cemetery.

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Kenneth Archibald Morthorpe (1907 – 1976)

Kenneth was born in Blayney on 12/09/1907.

He married Doris Ivy Cowd in 1931 in Glebe. Doris was born on 25/01/1909 in Lithgow.

They had 2 children:

  • Nola Irene Patsy Morthorpe

  • Betty Joyce Morthorpe

Kenneth died on 31/03/1976 in Belmont.

Doris died in Gosford on 10/10/1981.

Nola Irene Patsy Morthorpe

It is not known when Pat was born.
She married in 1952 in Rockdale to Ronald James Thompson.

Betty Joyce Morthorpe

It is not known when Betty was born.
She married in 1955 in Hurstville to George Edward Osgood.

Arnold Trevor Morthorpe (1912 – 1998)

Arnold was born in 1912 in Blayney.

He married to Edith Ethel Kennedy in Willoughby on 20/09/1941. Edith was born in Winton QLD on 16/01/1920.

Edith died in 1995 in Southport QLD.

Arnold died in Gold Coast QLD on 11/12/1998.

Twins Arnold and George

George Grenfelle Morthorpe (1912 – 1985)

George was born in Hobbys Yards, Blayney on 03/05/1912.

He married to Edna O’Connor in Wollongong in 1937. Edna was born in 1912

They had a son and 2 daughters (one deceased):

  • Virginia Helena Morthorpe (   ?   – 1945)

In 1980 George and Edna were registered on the Electoral roll for Kembla.

George died in Port Kembla on 22/01/1985.
Edna died on 11/06/1998.

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Leonard Francis Morthorpe (1914 – 1990)

Leonard was born in Blayney in 1914.

He married in 1936 in Wollongong to Hazel Margaret Carberry. Hazel was born in Sydney in 1916.

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Hazel died in Wollongong on 17/12/1974.

Leonard died on 02/05/1990 in Tweed Heads, late of Gwynneville.

Anne Bertha Doris Morthorpe (1918 – 1996)

Anne was born on 05/04/1918 in Hobbies Yard NSW.

Anne – Picture taken from  Rickards Family Tree

She married to Alfred John Rickards in St Michael Anglican Church in Wollongong on 06/05/1939. Alfred was born on 13/04/1918 in Carlton VIC.

They had 3 children, of whom one deceased.

  • Robert James Rickards (1945 – 08/07/2021).

Alfred died on 04/12/1964 in Concord Hospital, Concord and is buried on 06/12/1964 at Unanderra, Wollongong.
Anne died on 25/01/1996 in Towradgie Nursing Home, Towradgie NSW.

Bob’s daughter, Donna Jane Rickards, married to Corin David Teale-Gosper (4 times great-grandson of Diane Kable/Teale).