Matilda Lavina Kable (1882 – 1952)

Matilda was born in West Macquarie on 19/04/1882.

She married on 06/05/1902 in Orange to James John Mitchell. James was born in Orange on 15/02/1872. He died 16/03/1903. They didn’t had any children.

Matilda married again in Orange on 29/11/1905 to Joseph William Hartas. He was born in Orange on 11/02/1883.

They had the following children:

  • George Jospeh William Hartas (1907 – 1974)

  • Neville Sydney (Sid) Hartas (1910 – 1985)

  • Gladys Anne Hartas (1911 – 2000)

  • Ronald Potts Hartas (1915 – 1981)

  • Eileen Irene Hartas (1917 – 1918)

Matilda died on 07/11/1952 in Rockdale.

Joseph died on 23/08/1954 in Rockdale.

Neville Sydney “Sid” Hartas (1910 – 1985)

Sid was born in Orange in 1910.

He married to Isabel Florence Graham on 30/10/1937 in Rockdale. Isabel was born in 1909 in Rockdale.

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They had 1 son:

  • John Neville William Hartas​

Sid died in Kogarah on 03/04/1985.

Isabel died on 16/08/1992 in Penshurst.


Gladys Anne Hartas (1911 – 2000)

Litle is known about Gladys other than that she was born in 1911 in Orange. She was living in Rockdale till the end of the 1950’s or beginning of the 1960’s when she moved to Greenacre. She was still on the electoral roll for Greenacre in 1980, single unmarried and her profession was clerk.

There are no more records available after 1980. According to family trees Gladys died in Sydney in 1980 (no records).

Ronald Potts Hartas (1915 – 1981)

Ronald was born in 1915 in Rockdale.

He married to Marcia Brown in 1955 in Sydney. Marcia was born in 1932.

They had 2 sons:

  • Paul Hartas

  • Ross Hartas

Ronald died on 18/04/1981 in Connel’s Point NSW.

Marcia remarried and died on 26/12/2015, under her married name Marcia Capel.


Eileen Irene Hartas (1917 – 1918)

Ellen was born in Rockdale in 1917.

She died in 1918 in Kogarah and is buried in Woronora Cemetery, Sutherland together with her parents Matilda and William.