John Henry Teale (1820 – 1891)

John Henry Teale was a second generation Australian, born in 1820 in Pitt Town and married Charlotte Mary McDonald Sommers at St Mathew’s Church of England on 17/08/1840.
Charlotte was born on 17/07/1819 in Parramatta and baptised on 12/12/1819 in St Phillips Church Sydney.

At the same time as Diana and John Teale’s family was growing up another family by the name of Sommers were involved in the district.
Charles Sommers and his wife Ann Radford were the School Master and Mistress of Parish St Mathews School Free school, Windsor.
Charles and Ann had 12 children of whom the third daughter, Charlotte Mary McDonald Sommers, born in 1819, married John Henry Teale.

They lived their lives in the Windsor area as farmers, having 11 children 2 boys and 9 girls of whom 9 reached maturity and of whom there was only one surviving son.

John Henry died on the 27th of November 1891 at his residence in Windsor.

DC John Henry Teale.jpg

Charlotte Sommers died on 27/10/1888 in Windsor at the residence of her son-in-law and is buried on 29/10/1888 in Windsor.

HS John Henry Teale and Charlotte SommersA plaque has been placed in the historic St Mathew’s  Church cemetery marking  the burial place of John Henry Teale and Charlotte Sommers. It also records their status as early Windsor inhabitants and buried within the grounds of the historic St Mathew’s church.

Caroline Emeline (Carrie) Teale was their 4th child and the great granddaughter of Henry and Susannah Kable. She is Jane’s direct ancestor.

​John and Charlotte had the following 11 children:

  • Boy Teale (1841) no records and believed to be still-born

  • John Henry Teale (1843 – 1904)

  • Blanche Elizabeth Teale (1845 – 1921)

  • Caroline Emeline “Carrie” Teale (1847 – 1902)

  • Frances Jane Teale (1849 – 1936)

  • Diana Blanche Ann Teale (1851 – 1879)

  • Emily Jane Amelia Teale (1854 – 1926)

  • Henrietta Sommers Teale (1856 – 1917)

  • Mary Ann Charlotte “Polly” Teale (1859 – 1951)

  • Ann Selina Teale (1862 – 1895)

  • Pauline Rachel Alice Maud Mary Teale (1865 – 1865)

Pauline was born on 06/08/1865 and died on 15/11/1865 (3 months and 9 days) in South Creek, Windsor, NSW.