Herbert William Charlton Kable (1881 – 1952)

Herbert was born on 19/02/1881 in Redbank QLD.

He married to Ida Maude Bliss on 10/10/1914 in Brisbane.
Ida was born on 24/10/1891 in Brisbane.

They had the following children (twins):

  • Lionel William Charlton Kable (1915 – 1961)

  • Margaret Maude Kable (1915 – 2006)

Herbert died in Brisbane on 08/11/1952.

Publication in the Truth (Brisbane QLD) of 09/11/1952
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Ida died on 13/05/1956 in Brisbane and is buried with her daughter at Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium, Bridgeman Downs QLD.

Lionel William Charlton Kable (1915 – 1961)

Lionel was born on 30/08/1915 in Queensland.

He married to Bessie Wright.

They had 1 son:

  • Herbert John Kable (1953 – 1995)

Lionel died in Park VIC in April 1961.
Bessie died in Hobart on 25/05/2017.

Vale Bess Kable (née Wright)  

Bess was born at Central Castra on the North West Coast in 1923. She attended Devonport High School, then joined the ES&A Bank at Ulverstone in 1942. She was transferred to Hobart in 1946, where she met Lionel Kable, the manager of the YMCA. They married in 1950.  

Their only son John was born in 1953. On Lionel’s death in 1961 Mrs Kable returned to work, this time at Hobart accounting firm Shields and Hibberd.  

John was a terrific sportsman and student, graduating from the University of Tasmania with a law degree in 1975. He went on to forge a career as a prominent barrister in Launceston and Hobart. In 1995 John died suddenly from a heart attack aged only 42Mrs Kable was profoundly affected by her son’s death and for the next 20 years supported the Heart Foundation as a donor and by becoming heavily involved in fundraising events.  

Mrs Kable died in May this year. Under the terms of her will she left a gift of $50,000 to the Heart Foundation to assist them in their ongoing work.
Published on the Heart Foundation Website.

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Margaret Maude Kable (1915 – 2006)

Margaret was born on 30/08/1915 in QLD.

She married to William Hulton Hillyard in 1942.
William was born in QLD in 1912.

They had 3 children:

  • Robyn Hillyard

  • Patricia Hillyard

  • Christopher Hillyard

William died in 2006.
Margaret died in Sandgate QLD on 20/08/2006 and is buried together with her mother at Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium, Bridgeman Downs QLD.