Jessie MacLean (1858 – 1924)

Jessie was born in Richmond, Windsor in 1858.

She married to Edwin Collingwood Price in Greycliffe, Biloela, QLD on 03/11/1892. Edwin was born in Lambeth, Middlesex England in the 2nd Quarter of 1847 and baptised in St Matthew, Brixton Surrey on 13/06/1847.
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They had the following children:

  • Eric Collingwood Price (1893 – 1966)

  • Sylvia Edwina Price (1895 – 1967)

  • Jessie Elvina Susan Price (1898 –   ?  )

  • Grace Mildred Adelaide Price (1899 – 1923)

Edwin died on 10/10/1899 in Queensland.
Jessie died in Queensland on 10/02/1924.
Both are buried at South Rockhampton Cemetery in Allenstown, Rockhampton Region, Queensland.

Eric Collingwood Price (1893 – 1966)

Eric was born in Queensland on 09/11/1893.

Electoral Rolls from Fitzroy, Capricornia shows that their is no indication that he got married or had children.

It shows that he shared the dwelling with his sister Sylvia, Lemmington Street in Capricornia.

Eric died on 30/01/1966 in Rockhampton and is buried at Norman Gardens, Rockhampton Region, Queensland.

Sylvia Edwina Price (1895 – 1967)

Sylvia was born in Queensland on 2508/1895.

There is no indication that Sylvia had married or had children. The Electoral Rolls also indicate that their younger sister Jessie shared the same dwelling.

Sylvia died on 23/08/1967 in Rockhampton and is buried at Norman Gardens, Rockhampton Region, Queensland.

Jessie Elvina Susan Price (1898 –    ?    )

Jessie was born in Rockhampton on 27/05/1898.

Just as her siblings there is no indication that she got married or had children.

​In 1932 she was together with her brother Eric (clerk) and her sister Sylvia, a dressmaker as Jessie, on the electoral roll for Capricornia at 14 Separation Street.
There are no records after 1932 available for Jessie.

Grace Mildred Adelaide Price (1899 – 1923)

Grace was born in Queensland on 20/10/1899.

She died in in Queensland on 21/06/1923 and is buried at Allenstown, Rockhampton Region, Queensland.