Elvina Susan MacLean (1859 – 1931)

Elvina was born in Windsor in 1859.

She married to Charles William Marshall in Mackay on 13/05/1891.
Charles was born in the 1st Quarter of 1870 in Manchester, Lancashire.

They had the following 2 children:

  • Clarence Douglas Maclean Marshall (1894 – 1972)

  • Elvie Adelaide Marshall (1896 – 1970)

Elvina died in Brisbane on 22/06/1931.
Charles died in Brisbane on 23/09/1956.

Elvina Susan Marshall Lutwyche Cemetery

They both are buried in Lutwyche Cemetery in Brisbane.

Image from “Australia Cemetery Index”

Clarence Douglas MacLean Marshall (1894 – 1972)

Clarence was born in Warwick QLD on 25/06/1894.
​He married on 06/03/1919 in Brisbane to Doris Janet Warren. Doris was born on 04/12/1898 in Queensland.

They had 1 child:

  • Geoffrey Douglas Marshall (  ?   – 1931)

The marriage ended in divorce.
Doris married in 1952 in Sydney to Harold Arthur Frederick  Huish​. Harold was born in Avon UK in 1896, arrived in Australia in 1910 and died in Sydney in 1961.
Doris died on 21/10/1971 in Atarmon, Sydney.

Clarence died on 23/03/1972 in Brisbane.

Elvie Adelaide Marshall (1896 – 1970)

Elvie was born on 25/11/1896 in Warwick Queensland.

She married to John Archibald Sinclair in Brisbane on 19/03/1918. John was born in 1890 and he died (most likely) in Paddington in 1936.

They had 1 child:

  • Rodney Marshall Sinclair (1919 – 1982)

Elvie died on 25/07/1970 in Sydney.
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Rodney Marshall Sinclair (1919 – 1982)

Rodney was born in Albion on 20/01/1919.
He married in 1942 in Brisbane to Bonnie Bezanson. This marriage did not last long.

In 1948 in Waverley he married to Phoebe Bella Smith. It is unknown when she was born.

They had 2 children:

  • Peter John Sinclair
  • Brian James Sinclair

Rodney died on 02/03/1982 in Bondi.
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