Frederick Douglas Ross (1886 – 1951)

Frederick was born on 18/07/1886 in Toowoomba QLD.

He married to Mabel Ellen Harvey in QLD on 02/11/1908.
Mabel was born on 27/06/1891 in country Queensland.

They had 1 daughter and 1 son:

  • Elsie May Sutherland Ross (1910 – 1998)

  • Eric Alexander Sutherland Ross (1914 – 2005)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ross-frederick-douglas.jpg “F.D. Ross F.A., one of the soldiers photographed in The Queenslander Pictorial, supplement to The Queenslander, 1916.”

Fred died in Port Moresby, Queensland on 06/08/1951.

Most likely scenario is that their marriage ended in divorce and that Mabel left for Victoria and got married there in 1926 to Fred J Baxter. She most likely died there in 1969. There are no parents listed on the death certificate (BDM).

Elsie May Sutherland Ross (1904 – 1998)

Elsie was born on 07/08/1910.

She married to Ivan Francis Champion on 29/09/1929 in Port Moresby, National Capital, Papua New Guinea. Ivan was born on 09/03/1904 in Port Moresby.

They had 1 daughter:

  • Ivane Ross Champion

Ivan died in Canberra on 12/08/1989.

Publication in the Canberra Times of 13/08/1989
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Elsie died in Canberra in October 1998.

Eric Alexander Sutherland Ross (1914 – 2005)

Eric was born on 02/01/1914 in Mount Chalmers QLD.
He married to Irene Joyce Malkin in about 1945 in Queensland. Irene was born in 1921.

They had 1 son:

  • Christopher Douglas Sutherland Ross (1947 –         )

Irene died on 09/02/1965 in Brisbane.

Eric married in 1968 to Hilda Agnes Petrie in Brisbane.
Hilda was born on 20/09/1909 in Mount Morgan QLD.

Hilda died on 23/06/1997 in Brisbane and is buried at Great Southern Garden of Remembrance in Carbrook, Logan City, Queensland.
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Eric died on 10/01/2005 in Muscat, Oman.