Maude Mary Kable (1891 – 1958)

Maude was born in QLD on 01/11/1891.

Walter Beverley & Maude Mary Lawther nee Kable

She married to Walter Beverly Lowther on 22/12/1915, Walter was born on 05/09/1892 in in Eton, Mackay.

They had the following children:

  • Eric Geoffrey Montgomery Lowther (1917 – 1992)

  • Clive Beverly Lowther (1919 – 1942)

  • Rex Charlton Lowther (1922 – 1999)

Maude died in QLD on 09/07/1958.

Walter Beverley Lowther

Walter died in QLD on 28/07/1963.

Eric Geoffrey Montgommery Lowther (1917 – 1992)

Eric was born in Mackay on 20/03/1917.

He married to Reta May Stewart Phillip. Reta was born in Rockhampton on 23/07/1920.

Eric died in 1992 in Mackay.

Reta died in Mackay on 20/02/2015.

Clive Beverley Lowther (1919 – 1942)

Clive was born on 08/01/1919 in Eton.

He served in WWII and was killed in action in PNG on 02/02/1942.

He is buried at The Lae And Port Moresby Memorials, National Capital, Papua New Guinea.

War Cemetery Port Morsby


Rex Charlton Lowther (1922 –         )

Rex was born in Mackay on 22/06/1922.

He married to Nellie Stewart McFarlane, born on 01/08/1920.

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