Colin Frederick Percival Kable (1893 – 1984)

Colin was born in QLD on 15/09/1893.

He married to Eileen Barbara Brown on 06/01/1915 in Tamworth.
Eileen was born on 04/11/1894 in Tamworth.
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They had the following children:

  • Isabel Joan Kable (1915 – 2009)

  • Barbara Joy Kable (1921 – 2010)

  • Garvon Kable (1923 – 2016)

Eileen died in Avalon on 09/10/1982.
Colin died on 16/01/1984 in Avalon.

Isabel Joan Kable (1915 – 2009)

Joan, as she was called, was born in Tamworth in 1915.

She married to Geoffrey Leonard Ifield in 1946 in Concord. Geoffrey was born in Kogarah on 12/03/1913.

They had 1 daughter:

  • Christine Joy Ifield/Gyllies (1947 –         )

​Joan married to Edwin Rupert Henry Gyllies in 1951 in Sydney. Edwin was born in Auckland NZ in October 1891.

He was married to Clara Rider (1879 – 1945) and had 3 children with her.

Edwin died in Sydney in 1967.
Joan died in 2009 in Avelon Beach.

Barbara Joy Kable (1921 – 2010)

Joy, as she was known by, was born in Chatswood on 27/03/1921.

She married to Kevin Crocker Guyatt in Ashfield on 14/10/1944. Kevin was born in Maryborough on 04/12/1913.

They had 3 children, 2 daughters and 1 son.

Kevin died on 08/03/1997 in Southport, late of North Tambourine.
Joy died in 2010.

Garvon Kable (1923 – 2016)

Garvon was born in Chatswood on 27/02/1923.

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His military career, when he was serving in the RAAF in Bomber Command,  brought him to England where he met and married in the 2nd quarter of 1945 in Newark to Brenda Walster, born in Newark in May 1924.

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courtesy of Tina Jakielski

After WW2 Garvon joined the ​Australian Navy just in time to fight in Korea.

They had 4 children:

  • Paul Kable
  • Yarrow Kable
  • Meredith Kable
  • Anthony Kable

Brenda died on 06/02/2015.
Garvon died on 08/08/2016.

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