Noel Cooper Keen (1895 – 1934)

Noel was born on 21/10/1895 in Eton QLD.

WW1 Record - N C Keen

He married to Elizabeth Ann Langford on 31/05/1921. Elizabeth was born on 14/10/1896 in Mirani.

They had the following children:

  • Raymond Noel Keen (1922 – 1998)

  • Thomas Cooper Keen (1928 – 2000)

  • Doris Keen

Noel died on 10/04/1934 in Stanthorpe and is buried in Stanthorpe, Southern Downs Region, Queensland.

Elizabeth died in Brisbane on 04/03/1972 and is buried at Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium, Bridgeman Downs, Queensland, Australia.

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Raymond Noel Keen (1922 – 1998)

Raymond was born on 15/09/1922 in North Eton.

He married to Belinda Mary Hoskin on 21/08/1950 in Brisbane.
Belinda was born in Oakleigh VIC on 28/12/1926.

They had 1 deceased son:

  • Jim Keen (1952 – 1972)

Belinda died in Mackay on 13/06/1996.
Raymond died in Mackay on 07/10/1998.

Thomas Cooper Keen (1928 – 2000)

Tom, as he was known, was born in 1928.
He married to Maida Monica Isabel Lee.
Maida was born on 14/10/1930 in Laidley QLD.

Maida Monica Isobel Lee

They had 3 children.

Tom died on 14/08/2000 in Laidley Qld.

Maida died on 02/09/2012 in Laidley.