John Charles Gaudry (1885 – 1953)

John was born in Gulgong in 1885. He married in 1908 in Sydney to Emberzine Penfold. Emberzine was born in Wanganui NZ on 07/06/1880.

Emberzine was married to Alfred George Butts in Wellington on 20/04/1897. They had 1 son:

  • Percules George Butts (1898 – 1955)

After John and Emberzine’s marriage they settled in New Zealand.

It is unknown if they had any children together.

Emberzine died in Wellington on 30/10/1949.

John died in Wellington in 1953.

John and Emberzine Gaudry death record

Percules George Butts (1898 – 1955)

Percules was born on 11/05/1898 in Wanganui NZ.

He married in 1923 in NZ to Veronica Johanna Burns. Veronica was born in 1898 in NZ. She died on 17/12/1933 in Bromley. Christchurch NZ.

Percules married in 1935 in NZ to Kathleen Claire Hollington. Kathleen was born on 09/10/1911 in NZ. She died in 1999.

Percules died in 1955 in Wellington.