Vilma Maud Sharrock ( ? – 2011)

It is not known when Vilma was born.

She married to Donald James Pusell in Auburn in 1947. Donald was born in 1925 in Kandos.

They had a stillborn child in 1948, which is also the year that Donald died.
Death registration stillborn child is 24027/1948 in Rylstone.
Death registration Donald is 24408/1948 in Kandos.

Donald J Pusell h.s.

The Rylstone Cemetery Index record his death on 09/08/1948 as been accidentally killed. See the article in the Mudgee Gardian of Thu 12/08/1948 and his funeral, published the week after.

It is believed that Vilma died in 2011 in Kandos.