Athol Vivian Gaudry (1913 – 1962)

Athol was born in Gulgong on 12/04/1913.

He married to Brona Isabel Doheny in Rylstone in 1938. Brona was born in Milthorpe in 1918.

Brona died on 01/06/1945 in Burwood. They didn’t have any children.

In 1958 Athol married to Pearl Daphne Armour.

In 1952 they had a daughter:

  • Ethel May Gaudry (1952 – 1962)

2018-03-20 (2)On 01/06/1962 the life of Athol and Ethel was cut far too short.

It is unsure when and where Daphne died.