Leslie James Garrard (1924 – 2018)

leslieLeslie was born in Paddington on 10/07/1924 and baptised on 10/01/1926.

He married to Elvia Clarice Edna Gendle in 1949 in Rockdale.

Elvia was born in Allawah on 05/09/1925.

They had 3 daughters.

Elvia died on 21/09/2004 in Canley Heights.
Leslie died on 28/05/2018.

baptism Leslie Garrard

A note from Ray Burton, written on Facebook 28/05/2018:
My Heart Beats Heavy Tonight: Monday 28/05/2018
Uncle Les left us today at 93 years old to become a beacon of light out there in the universe.
He was just weeks away from 94. Here is a photograph a few years ago with his older sister Valerie (my Mum) who recently turned 96. This is a memorable photograph indeed with beautiful Chasca, also a family member.
During WWll Leslie James Garrard served in the front lines in the jungles of Borneo. A horror war that he survived, but one that deprived him of his innocence, youth and a future.
Life didn’t go so well for our loveable larrikin Les. Wars repeatedly traumatise young naïve soldiers to leave permanent scars, but my Mum shown here, and my Step-Dad Fred, decided Les should never feel lost or alone again so they invited him to join their band and share their home. Uncle Les was a great tenor sax player too!
That was about 50+ years ago. Wow, when I think about it, Mum and Uncle Les, have lived side by side on this tiny blue planet for almost a century. Mum was born in 1922 and Uncle Les in 1924.
My heart hurts for my Mum today, she has lost her naughty little brother. I will forever miss the best Uncle anyone could ever have. RIP my dear Uncle Les, your pranks, your jokes, your smile and your gentle soul will be missed forevermore.
May your shimmering ball of energy travel far on your discovery tour across the universe; and every time I gaze up at the sparkling Milky Way, I will think of YOU Uncle Les and say to myself “yep, you were the best uncle ever”.