Gertrude Ruth Selina Cork (1892 – 1914)

gertrude lena cork

Gertrude “Lena” Cork

Gertrude was born in Nymagee on 17/03/1892.

She married to Charles James Spratt on 17/03/1914 in Parramatta.
Charles was born in Newtown on 02/12/1889.

Gertrude was shot dead by her husband on 17/11/1914 in North Sydney.

After Charles imprisonment he married in 1951 in Ashfield to Mavis Thelma Anderson. Mavis was born in 1900 in Awahuri NZ and died on 12/01/1973 in Sydney.

​Charles died on 12/03/1960 in St Leonards, Sydney.

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Click here for the full story in Trove,

The Argus of 15 Jan 1915.

In the Police Gazette of 28/04/1915 he is mentioned as having received the death sentence for the murder of his wife.

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