Alice Gertrude Evans (1869 – 1911)

Alice was born in Cooma on 10/01/1869.

She married to Alfred Joshua Hemming Houston  on 23/03/1892 in Burwood.
Alfred was born on 30/04/1862 in Sydney.

They had 1 daughter

  • Gertrude Marie Houston (1893 – 1934)

Alice died on 14/03/1911 in Wahroonga.
Alfred died on 11/07/1924 in Mosman.

Gertrude Marie Houston (1893 – 1934)

Gertrude was born on 17/06/1893 in Burwood.
Her mother Alice died in 1911 when Gertrude was 18 and she was most likely looked after by her Aunt Leonora.

Gertrude married to Alfred George Patrick Garrett in Hobart South on 12/07/1919.
Alfred was born in Hobart on 24/10/1896.

Alfred died on 27/08/1929 in South Australia.
Gertrude moved to England (health reasons?) where she died on 27/03/1934 at Sanatorium Mundesley London.

Publication in the National Probate Calender England & Wales