Edna Isabel Halliday (1888 – 1948)

Edna was born in Cooma on 03/10/1888.

She married to Reginald Herbert Dowe in Tamworth on 25/10/1911.
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Reginald was born in Tamworth on 08/10/1878.

They had the following children:

  • Una Mary Herbert Dowe (1912 – 2004)

  • Audrey Herbert Dowe (1914 – 1955)

  • Edward Fitzherbert Dowe (1918 – 2005)

  • Anthony Fitzherbert Dowe (1926 – 1950)

Edna died on 27/01/1948 in Tamworth.
Reginald died on 06/11/1951 in Tamworth.

Una Mary Herbert Dowe (1912 – 2004)

Una was born in Tamworth on 15/11/1912.

In 1934 she was listed as a dental assistant in Tamworth and in 1937 as a nurse in the Royal Albert Hospital Sydney.

Una married in 1943 in Victoria to John Thomas Harrison. John was born in 1904 in Benalla VIC.

In the 1960’s they lived in Warwick Queensland were he was a photographer. Their marriage broke down and around 1970 Una moved to Coolum Beach Queensland.

They had 1 son.

John died on 31/12/1991 in Canberra.

Una died in June 2004 in Coolum Beach, Queensland.

Audrey Herbert Dowe (1914 – 1955)

Audrey was born on 15/10/1914 in Tamworth.

She joined the WWII Services in 1939.

In 1943 she was a nurse in RA Hospital in Sydney. In 1949 a nurse, living in Collaroy and in 1954 she was listed as a nurse in Thursday Island Hospital in Leichhardt QLD.

She died on 25/05/1955 in country Queensland, probably Leichhardt, under her married name Laughren. There is no record for a marriage available. She was only married for less than 1 year, if it is correct.

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Edward Fitzherbert Dowe (1918 – 2005)

Edward was born in Tamworth in 1918.

He married to Marcia Ruth Warr and had 1 daughter.

Between 1977 and 1980 they seperated. Marcia was in 1980 in Port Macquarie as a nurse.

Edward died in Sydney on 15/08/2005.

Anthony Fitzherbert Dowe (1926 – 1950)

Anthony was born in Killara (according to the Service Records) on 20/02/1926.

He joined the WWII services in 1939. In 1949 he was listed as a student in Sydney together with his brother Edward.

Anthony died on 13/02/1950 in Tamworth.

HS AF Dowe