Emmeline Wild Howell (1880 – 1955)

Emmeline was born in Cooma on 20/08/1880.
She married on 06/12/1905 in Burwood to Charles Hector Roderick MacLean.

Charles was born on 02/07/1881 in Sydney.

They had 5 children:

  • Charles Ian MacLean (1906 – 1942)

  • Alistair MacLean (1908 – 1948)

  • Shirley MacLean (1913 – 1913)

  • Colin Howell MacLean (1914 – 1959)

  • Donald Howell MacLean (1917 – 1998)

Charles died 01/07/1942 in Rabaul PNG.
Emmeline died on 03/01/1955 in Rabaul PNG.

Charles Ian Maclean (1906 – 1942)

Charles was born in Burwood on 14/10/1906.

Charles died on 01/07/1942, aboard the “Montevideo Maru“, a Japaneses POW ship, torpedoed by US Sturgeon off the Phillipines.

Alistair Howell Maclean (1908 – 1948)

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Shirley Maclean (1913 – 1913)

Shirley was born and died in Manly in 1913.

Colin Howell Maclean (1914 – 1959)

Colin was born in Chatswood on 13/10/1914.

He served the Army in QLD 1939 – 1945.

He listed his residence in New Guinea on the outbound passenger list from London to Australia.

On the passenger list from Fremantle to Sydney, November 1959 he list his address in Elizabeth Bay.

Colin died in December 1959 in Chatswood.

Donald Howell Maclean (1916 – 1998)

Donald was born in Strathfield on 18/12/1916.

The following is a story in Ancestry.

Don was born in Strathfield, Sydney on 18th December 1916.  At the age of nine the family moved to New Guinea and he was educated at the Rabaul primary school before returning to Sydney to attend Hurlstone Park Agricultural High School.

Back at Rabaul he became a gold prospector and learnt to fly.   At the start of the war he joined the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles but was soon transferred to the RAAF, enlisted 11/10/1940. After training he was sent to England with 457 squadron and stayed there in 1941-42.  During this time he shot down three enemy aircraft.

Don was discharged on the 6/2/1946.Following the war he returned to New Britain to rebuild the family plantation where his father and elder brother had been killed by the Japanese.   He sold the plantation in 1958 and then worked for the Papua New Guinea administration in Rabaul and Madang before returning to Sydney in 1975, becoming Air Force Association head until retirement in 1978.

 Donald was, for many years, an active Rotarian and RSL member in both New Guinea and Sydney.    He died in North Turramurra on 27th November 1998 and is survived by his second wife Cecile, his children Maxwell, Serena, Christine and Sonja and nine grandchildren.