Diana Kable (1788-1854)

Diana Cable-Kable was born as 40th of the 44 births in the colony and baptised on the 5th December 1788 along with her brother Henry at St Phillips Church.  The registration entry is Number 40 and she is most likely to have been the 13th white child born in the colony of NSW, and the 1st white child in the colony to reach maturity (age 21) .


St Philips Church Hill Sydney Original Building

Diana married aged 21 on 10/09/1809, with her marriage record held at St Phillip’s Church stating the marriage record is No. 1 Vol. 5 and is accompanied by the mention that it is “the first marriage solemnized in Sydney Church -11 am”

Diana’s descendants are the longest living line of people deriving from a white child, born in the colony in 1788.

Diana’s first marriage to William Lyttleton Gaudry

William was born 10/10/1778 to Joseph Stephen Gaudry, an actor, musician, comedian and female impersonator, and Ann Norman of Plymouth, St Andrews at Plymouth in 7 Oct 1772. He was baptised on 10 Oct 1778 at Southampton.

sign william gaudryDiana married William Lyttleton (also spelled Littleton) Gaudry who was a well educated free settler who had come to Australia in 1807 bearing a letter of recommendation from  the Duke of York, addressed to Col. Patterson. William  initially  worked with Paterson in Van Dieman’s Land. After a short time he moved to Sydney and started in business with Henry Kable acting as Henry Snr’s agent and undertaking much business and correspondence for him. After originally living in Sydney the family moved with Henry and other family members to Windsor in 1811 along with Henry Snr and Susannah.

William and Diana’s marriage produced four children. After a short illness William died on 03/01/1816 aged only 37  leaving Diana with 3 young children and a baby born in 1816. William is burried in the Kable vault at Windsor.

Diana’s second marriage to John Teale

Two years after William Gaudry’s death, Diana married John Teale.

In 1816, convict John Teale arrived in the colony per the Indefatigable and was assigned to Henry Kable at Windsor.

 John Teale  was born 15th February 1789 at Garforth, Yorkshire and was convicted of theft and sentenced to transporation for 7 years.

At Windsor he work in Henry Kables mills. During this time he met and later married Diana Kable-Gaudry.

Following his release from sentence, John Teale went on to manage his own mills. These mills included the Endeavour Mill and the Fairy Dell, in Windsor.

The Endeavour Mill (click here for a story) in 1832,  was the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and stood three storeys high. It employed 50 convicts and was operated by a team of 48 horses. Its location was on the corner of George and Dight street Windsor.

John and Diana’s marriage produced five children.