Sydney Grace Brothers – July 1969

After I married Bryan Thomas and not long after that we started to hear about June Whittaker’s appeal to sort the tomb at St. Matthews for a slab to prevent the tomb from falling in. From there we gradually got to look at the history of the couple (Henry & Susannah) in more detail than my father has relayed to me as a child. After visiting June at her home, and me taking along my first toddler child as well, we spent quite a few days there as Bryan worked on info with June for her first book.

Then we started to collect information about all the descendants we could find at that time. With only phone calls to Kables in the phone books plus information at the libraries and my letter writing to them by hand we eventually sorted for Bryan to make the Kable family tree 1968. Male names only are in those trees as it was impossible to follow lines then as names for daughters changed.

Bryan and I organised the first formal dinner for 128 people, held at the Auditorium of Grace Bros.

Extracted from Zillah’s personal Biography provided for the 2018 Windsor Reunion.