Light lunch and Farewell

2018-06-29 (4)

Almost 300 descendants stayed for all the activities, organised for the weekend. This final session concluded the activities with a presentation before lunch by Paul Kable, titled “Finding Treasures”.

After lunch Special Guest Presenter Gladys Busch took center stage speaking about the theme “Celebrate the Children”. In the introduction of Gladys organiser Jane van Woerkom related the story of Gladys from her childhood interest in doll making and its creative development and expression, particularly realised through her Churchill Fellowship Study tours. For the 1988 reunion Gladys made available her Bi-centennial commissioned dolls Henry Kable and Susannah Holmes. As a special contribution 30 years later Gladys created and clothed a more prosperous looking Henry and Susannah and their eleven children.

The theme “Celebrate the Children” not only captures the descendants of Henry and Susannah but also gives voice to the community support of Gladys and Noel in relation to those children orphaned or in need of assistance.

Gladys dolls.jpg

Slideshow about Gladys creating the dolls.

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